Improved mpg after new intake?

ranger pete

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Jul 29, 2011
2011 JSW 6MT
Just got a new intake on my '11 JSW 6MT, by Lia VW, warranty coverage, after P2015 CEL. Kudos to Lia!!!! The first dealer I called said it wouldn't likely be covered. They are in Enfield, Ct.

Yesterday on a drive I make frequently, I did a fair bit better than usual for that drive according to the dash mpg lie-o-meter.

This drive is primarily sparsely traveled state 2 lane highways and overall, slightly downhill, so I always beat typical mileage.

I am usually around 52-53. I was at 56 when I arrived. And while I generally drive for mileage, I wasn't trying particularly hard this time.

Maybe weather helped. We are currently in a week long spell of freakishly nice weather, 70-75, sunny, little wind.

Is it possible that improved airflow or maybe a replaced sensor working better than the original resulted in an improvement? I am at 120K, owned since 55K about 18 months ago.