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As you all are aware, we have been working hard on the planning of TDIFest 2014 in St. Louis, Missouri. During planning, we encountered several issues that could not be adequately resolved before TDIFest 2014 would have been held. With heavy hearts, we have concluded that TDIFest 2014 must be canceled before TDIClub incurs financial obligations. While this was an incredibly difficult decision to make, we feel that it was necessary. This unfortunate interruption gives us the opportunity to create a much more refined procedure to evaluate potential locations for future TDIFests, which will allow us to better serve the community for years to come.

As many of you know, TDIFest began as an informal, albeit large, get-together (GTG). As events grow in size, and become more formal, there are a number of items that need to be addressed, such as greater potential for liability, and TDIFest is no exception. With regard to TDIFest 2014 specifically, there are yet unanswered questions as to the interaction of Missouri law, TDIClub Online LTD (which is a Canadian company), and the vendors who we all rely upon to be present at TDIFest.

TDIClub maintains a contingency fund, in case of unexpected events such as this, and TDIClub Forum operations will not be impacted. Nonetheless, we may conduct fundraising opportunities in the near future, so stay tuned. In the meantime, donations and proceeds from TDIClub merchandise ( directly benefit TDIClub Forums, and are always appreciated.

Looking forward to TDIFest 2015: while we still like the idea of having it in St. Louis, and will continue to explore that possibility, we cannot guarantee that it will ultimately be a viable location for TDIFest. Therefore, proposals for alternate locations for TDIFest 2015 will be accepted. Please refer to the following tentative schedule (revisions, if necessary, will be announced in the appropriate TDIFest sub-forum):

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support for TDIClub and TDIFest.

Fred, Lawson and Drew
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