Impex items at TDIFEST


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Jan 31, 2000
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Disclaimer: I do not work for Impex. I do not get money for selling things for Impex. I am doing this as a personal favor for John.

I'll be bringing up some items with me to TDIFest. If you order on-line just specify pick up and mention my name or TDIFEST or something so it's NOT shipped to you unintentionally.

I can only accept cash. If you want to pay via credit card, you'll need to pre-pay or pay on Saturday over the phone since Impex is open this Saturday.

KVM Auto Window Module

3-button LED remotes

PSI Tuning Box for the ALH TDI

PSI Tuning Box for the BEW TDI-PD

PSI Tuning Box for 98-99 TDI New Beetle, 8 pin only

If you have any questions, call Impex. 800-736-3550
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