Immo 3 cluster blues


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Aug 25, 2014
ontario canada
2007 RS4 Titanium 3.0TDI & 2013 Touareg TDI & B6 S4 BHW Swap Biturbo
So i swaped a immo 3 cluster into a immo 2 car but the ecu is also matching the immo 3 cluster from the same car but has immo delete and i popped the capsule in my original immo 2 key from a different immo 3 car and when i follow all the vcds instructions i enter my login then adaption 21 enter new keys only 1 i get a red error tried numerous times no luck do i need a new capsule instead of a used one ? Or is something else my culprit.

Also channels 22 reads correct and 24 reads all zeros as it should