I'm Back Sootman Returns


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Jan 30, 2003
Maine Coast
2011 Golf TDI
Finally got myself back in to a diesel VW. Put 175K on my gasser A3 but it started nickel and diming me so it was off to my good friends dealership and with a very generous trade in offer I drove off in a 2011 Golf TDI. I'll miss the AWD but as I'm retiring I won't have to drive to work every morning there's a big snowstorm.

This car came with some nice options HID lights, fogs, cold wx package and fancy radio, sun roof yada yada. Unfortunate there was no manual in the glovebox so I can barely operate the radio. Dealer will find one for me.

This of course was one of the "buy backs" so I'm completely out of my depth regarding the engine. Car has 70K on it and it needs a few things I'm sure. Oil was just changed but how often do I change the fuel filter and DSG fluid? After sitting as long as it has I suspect I should at least do the fuel filter. I am pleased about the 4-year engine warranty but is there a start date on that and how do I find out. My friend is not an authorized VW dealer so I wonder when the clock began ticking on the warranty.

I'm really looking forward to spending more time now with my TDI friends as I'll be retired in a few weeks. Any suggestions on an iPhone mount, I see in the armrest there's a connector but I'd love to do the whole thing via BT. Which phone mount do people like best.

Glad to back with this great crowd!