IC Icing/possible damage? Thoughts and what next please


Aug 13, 2013
A few weeks ago, when temperatures started to plunge in the Delmarva area, it was difficult to start my '10 JSW, and it seemed the battery was dead to me. I grabbed a deep cycle battery from my boat and used it. It was in the 10-15 degree F range, so it took some cranking to get it to start, and "shuddered" or "vibrated" and I needed to press the skinny pedal to get it to run. I noticed rough starts several other times, but never as bad, and it ran smooth after start.

A few days ago I noticed it "tapping" for about 30seconds - 1 minute after start up (also when cold), AND a hesitation about about 1600rpm when there is light or no throttle applied (coasting through town slow speeds). Most of my commute is 60mph with throttle applied and it just goes and is smooth. As of yesterday, my CEL came on. I stopped by a local European Auto shop today, but the tech was out sick today.

This is before I read about the IC icing issues associated with this engine.
Now I'm concerned I may have caused some minor damage that given some time (few thousand miles) is now showing evidence, and maybe why the CEL is lit up.

A few other notes:
- at the 40K service, I changed the air filter from a cold weather filter to normal filter (ironic that temperatures plunged after I did this).
- Hesitation only happens when off the throttle; if applying the throttle it does so flawlessly.
- It does not have the TSB IC "fix" installed on it, I just checked.
- 46,500 miles on it now, probably had 43-44K when I first had issues cranking.
- I have never seen the glow plug light come on. Even with the extreme low temperatures, it doesn't light up, which I would expect to come on.

My plan is to get it either to a shop or someone on the forum to let me use a VAG-COM.
Still cold weather here, and more to come.
Thanks for any help.


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Sep 8, 2013
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So the glow plug light never comes on at all? Not even for a self check? Something is wrong then and that explains your hard starts. Definitely get the car to a guru and get that checked out...