I94 in WI on 7/20 @ 5:25 PM - MN plates


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Jan 20, 2006
Rochester, NY
Used to own a 2002 Jetta TDI - Black/Black
Was driving back from a visit to a friend ( and also VikingRob and I met up totally by accident - didn't know he was in Woodbury where I was staying and he and I ended up at the same place for lunch ) - but I digress ...

Was driving back on I94 east @ 5:25 PM on 7/20 between mileposts 36 and 37 and got passed up by a dark green Jetta TDI - MN plates - I didn't want to catch up as I was afraid the WI state police would love to catch a NY guy speeding around. There were quite a few state police both on the way up and back.

And hey all you drivers - be a bit more careful out there - passed up 3 accidents on I94 west while I was heading back on I94 east