I want to mod my MK7 - Denver, CO emissions ???


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Oct 7, 2019
Denver, CO
Mk7 Golf 2.0

I’ve recently moved from Texas where we did not have emissions testing on diesels and I had plans to do some mild modding.

DPF/ DEF delete
EGR delete
Exhaust with a high flow cat and no muffler
Malone stage 1 at the least.

Trouble is I know have to conform to the emissions requirements of the Front Range in terms of opacity % which can not exceed 35% in their tiered 30-40, 40-50, and 50-60 mph tests on a dyno.

With the car all original 55k miles I passed 0% all around.

Is anyone experienced in passing these tests with any kind of emissions equipment mods/ removals?


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Mar 23, 2011
98 Jetta TDI AHU 1.9L (944 TDI swap in progress)
just because your state does not do the emissions for your diesel does not mean you can go altering things. its a federal law that you not alter, modify or change the functions of or operations of emissions controls in any way. its also against our community rules here. seeing as you clearly intend to drive it ON road and not off road, you are not able to do any modifications of your cat, EGR, or whatever. what your doing is a federal crime and it has hefty fines and punishments.

with that being said, do what you want to your car and give the gov the bird!

but really, your not going to see one benefit at all to what your going to do. the tune is not heavy enough to even worry about that stuff yet and the car will suffer if you take it off. you wont even see better MPG and your going to spend a small fortune doing it too. your not going to recover the cost.

I would seriously talk to your tuner aka, ask malone what he recommends for your mod, stick to it and dont waste your money.