I got my TDI home today


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Mar 5, 2011
2005 golf
Is this the right place to sound off about my new TDI?

I posted previously about buying a 02 jetta with a bad injection pump. Several members gave me advice not to buy it. Thank you.

Today I brought home my 05 bew jetta sedan with a rough shifting 5 spd and 144k on the clock.

I want to thank all the dedicated TDI owners that contribute to this great site, without the information here I would not have been able to make a sound and intelligent decision with my new purchase.

I bought it with a few known problems. The passenger door wouldn't close, the owner had bought a new latch for it, but didn't install it yet.
I just finished with the install, and after that little exercise in frustration!! I understand why this site is here.

I will be doing more work on my new car soon, and I will try to document my steps and any issues I run into along the way. I intend on contributing to the knowledge base, making everyones lives easier.