I Destroyed My Lower Rear Transmission Mount!


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Apr 14, 2007
Racine, WI
2005 New Jetta
The title pretty much sums it up, the lower rear transmission mount is toast and it took the downpipe out with it, my frostheater, and radiator fan... so far. It snapped the bolt off in the transmission and there is a great deal of play in the motor as far as rocking it back and forth.

This is the car getting revenge on me for all that spirited driving that I do, how can I fix this so that my spirited driving style will not lead to another failure?

I figure I have to start by removing what is left of the mount and drilling out the bolt stuck in the transmission. Will I be able to find a helicoil kit for this? It did rip out a few threads when it snapped. Also what else did it probably damage?


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Sep 27, 2005
Spicewood, Tx.
05.5 Jetta 5 spd, 06 Jetta DE DSG, 04 F250 6L, 2000 F250 7.3L
If you are talking the dogbone mount, depending on how messed up the threads are....I have retapped them, I always use longer bolts, I have helicoiled them, I have drilled them out to the next size up...

I always go up one size and you have to drill the dogbone eye as well, I always use a higher grade bolt as well. With locktite to secure it..

I think I even went in and added a nut to the top of one on the two bolts in the transmission.

My repairs are stronger then the OEM mounting hardware.