Humming nosise from car


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Mar 8, 2011
99 jetta
Hey guys i recently joined because im on this site as a guest alot to read up on facts. Anywho, long story short, my 99 jetta seems to be making a loud humming noise. I notice it inside the car, seems to be coming from the passenger side. I lift the hood and and its just near the front right side of my car ( near the fuel filter area? a bit forward towards the light) But its not there right off the bat. For example, i initially start my car and dont hear it, but it seems to come on once my car has been warmed up and i restart the car. Ive been told its electrical feedback, but it just started and i can hear it at idle? so i know its not a bearing. Im actually lost because i know it started after i changed the fuel filter... any ideas? sounds like the noise a tv makes, you know the background noise hum? thank for any info anyone can think of.

(also stays humming even with the radio off)


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Feb 22, 1999
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a friend of mine owns a 2004/5 Seat Toleda with a 130bhp PD engine. This has recently started making a low humming noise and I can't figure out what it is.
This car is basically a repackaged Mk4 Golf.
When the engine is cold there is no noise but after only 5 minutes of driving the noise starts.
The humming noise stops if the engine revs are raised at all, so only at idle.
The humming noise is not the climate/heating system because I turned that off but the noise continues.
The humming noise is not the transmission because when I put press the clutch pedal the noise continues.
I can only hear the humming noise inside the car. The exact location is hard to pinpoint but it seems to come from the dashboard / footwell area which is why I suspected the climate control fan.
When I lift the bonnet (hood) I can't hear the humming noise inside the engine bay at all, though of course it could be present but just drowned by engine noise.
The noise reminds me of the low hum you hear in an air conditioned office.
The worrying thing is that the car never used to make this noise. I know the car well as my friend bought the car off my mother who owned it from nearly new.
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Apr 23, 2010
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OP I'd try taking off the power steering belt first, try that then try taking off the aux belt and try that, if the noise goes it must be one of the pulleys. That's all I can think of for now.

And christi, I've no idea lol.