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This page has grown quite large in the last few years. It's main purpose was to put all the helpfull "how to" posts in one section for easy reference. It is becoming more difficult to find things, even in this one thread. So I have edited the thread & divided the "How to's" into categories to make things a little easier to find. I will add more subsections, like Engine maintenance, Performance, ETC. As well as maybe divide the links into models (A4, A3/B4, etc.). But I want to clean it all up first, then get into the little details. I just don't have a lot of spare time this week.

Please, if you have any suggestions for where I placed any of the items, feel free to contact me and I will make the appropriate changes. But please do so through IM's. And to keep this thread user friendly & easy to navigate, please only post links to how to's that you may have done or seen. Please do not post questions or feedback in this thread.

NOTE: This is a work in progress as it takes a long time to do the editing & fixing the links. I hope to have it all done in a few days.


First & foremost, don't forget to look at the ARTICLES link at the top of this page. It has great writeups on such things as timing belt procedures and nozzle swaps.

There is also a section of FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS that should be looked at.

Now here are some of the How to's compiled by our members:

ENGINE related How To's:


How to change your injection pump - without changing the timing belt. By Rocketeer928

How to video: On car VE injection pump seal replacement video by runonbeer

How to re & re the starter motor for those who have the starter grind or hot start problem. (A4). By Wingnut

Intake Manifold Cleaning 101 - Common therapy for sluggish performance. By Snowball

Another intake manifold cleaning .pdf by DeafBug

My SRP (Stealth Race Pipe) 'How to': How I gutted an EGR to make a stealth race pipe. (A4) - By Wingnut

Front main oil seal re & re by HermTDI

Broken Engine Mount repair: How I fixed my broken engine mount (A4). By Wingnut

How to stiffen your dogbone mount for cheap By Wingnut

How to fix your anti shudder valve rod: In case you broke yours while cleaning your EGR. By Wingnut

How to fix your anti shudder valve nipple. In case you broke yours while cleaning your EGR. By mgwerks

Another anti shudder valve fix: by Wingnut

1$ Anti-Shudder Valve Arm Fix: by Yumanord

How to troubleshoot low power on an A3/B4 ('96 - '97 Passat, '97 - '99 old body style Jetta): By GoFaster

ALH Turbo removal .pdf by TDI Innovations

TDI ALH Turbo Removal HOW TO written by Speedster.

VNT Repair - Clean soot and rust for proper movement. By Drivebiwire

New engine break-in method: By Drivebiwire

New engine break-in method: By LanduytG

Frequently Asked Torque Values: by Runonbeer & others

Snow screen removal for the Beetle By JackBak

KK's CCV Mod by Kayakkermit (PDF done by Cevans)

CCV Mod: One of many ways to reduce intake clogging (A4)

CCV Mod 2.0: My new system (still testing) (discontinued due to clogged paper filter element)

CCV Mod Ver 3.0: This one I hope will not plug up

Installing the Mann ProVent CCV Filter (3.8 megabyte PDF version available here.). by Jddaigle

Hard Starting When Engine is Cold: by Drivebiwire

Fix Stripped Glow Plug Threads by Franko6

How to replace serpentine belt on a BEW: by Ksf


DIY: How to fix air blend door MK4 TDI no cabin heat problem by Shizzell

How To video clips Includes fuel & air filter changes, snow screen cleaning, etc. By CinciTDI & friends (MoGolf, RichC, Tim
Hunter, Eric Rothweiler, Paramedick, etc.)

Replacing fuel temperature sensor: by McBrew


LM Diesel Purge - PD Engine Procedure (PDF) by SUNRG

Another diesel purge pictoral by Russell Parr

Inline fuel filter (Auxilliary): for running biodiesel. by Bill Blazek

Stanadyne 5-micron Fuel Filter Upgrade by SUNRG

Alternate CAT fuel filter T holder by Paramedick

Traditional method Oil Change instructions. by DeafBug

Hammer mod info

Hammer Mod (with pics & CAKE!) by NB_TDi

IP Upper seal replacement how to: By cerickson

Coolant change procedure: by Runonbeer

Diagnose an overheating car: By Herm TDI

How to bleed/prime your fuel system by whitedog

BEW coolant temperature sensor replacement: by Ksf

2004+ PD in-tank fuel pump replacement procedure (PDF) by Gretta_the_Jetta

How To: Manually activate coolant glowplugs on ALH engines by robnitro

How To: Heater core replacement on 2012+ NMS Passat by 767wrench


MKIV ignition switch re & re. by Tom

A4 radiator fan re & re: by Joester

Maf 101: Credits to: bam_ban_dip, bhtooefr, cage, whitedog, paramedik, dieseldorf, & compu_85

Glow plugs 101: How to test the glow plug system - by Wingnut

Glow plugs 101 Ver. 2.0: A newer, revised version of the original with better pictures - by Wingnut (PDF version)

Possible Glow Plug Harness Cure: Products to treat your GP harness - by Wingnut

How to extend the glow time with Vag-com: One way to assist with cold starting (check timing first)

Alternator Re & Re How to: How to remove & replace your alternator. (A4) - by Wingnut

Alternator Pulley Re & Re How To: How to remove the pulley from the alternator. By Paramedick

Replacing alternator brushes / regulator on car by dremd

Voltage regulator Re & Re (a3/B4) by HermTDI

Battery maintenenceby HermTDI

#3 Injector Plug Swap: For anyone who has purchased Injectors from Marc (RedRotors). By Wingnut

Relay 109 info: How to replace the relay 109. By Turbo Steve

How to Re & Re an A4 ECM Courtesy of APR.

Cage Mod - Dielectric grease in MAF connector - Cage Mod Revisited

Evry Mod - Inexpensive performance enhancement. By Evry


Front wheel bearing replacement by scurvy

Front Brake Replacement: How to remove & replace the front brake pads & rotors (A4) by Wingnut

Rear Brake How To: Rear brake replacement procedure. by Cosmic.

Motive Brake Bleedeng Procedure also done by Cosmic.

Power Brake Booster Removal:

Parking brake cable replacement, step by step: by dqa

A4 Brake switch replacement: How to swap out the brake light switch. By Snowman.

Brake light switch repair: How to repair a bad switch. By Je

Sway bar bushing replacement: How to replace your swaybar bushings. (A4). By Wingnut

Lower control arm bushing replacemet (A4) by Wingnut

A4 Ball joint replacement: by Moo Car

Do it yourself rear axle beam bushing replacement. as posted on VW Vortex.

Transmission swap how to - Auto -> 5spd/6spd by Boertje

5th gear swap by David 594

VR6 axle swap: How to swap the TDI axles for more robust VR6 axles (A4). By Wingnut

Rear axle bearing Re & Re: How to change your rear axle bearing (A4). By Wingnut

Front Wheel Bearing Replacement Procedure: by DLV

Sway bar bushing replacement: How to replace your swaybar bushings. (A4). By Wingnut

Front strut mount replacement: How to replace your strut mounts without removing the struts. (A4). By Wingnut

Coilover install by Noah

How to make a short shifter. My homemade short shifter. (A4). By Wingnut

Automatic Transmission Fluid Change: by Drivebiwire

Automatic Transmission Line Pressure Mod: by Kerma


What's that loose spring under your seat? (mk4 seat spring fix): By fnjimmy!

How to fix a stiff trunk lid: By Ramman4x4

Wiper linkage RE & RE How to remove, relube & replace the wiper linkage by Wingnut

Flakey Turn signal fix How to re & re the turn signal stalk to fix the annoying signal click by Varkias

A3 boost guage instalation by Juli0s

Disable day-time running lights (DRLs) for A4s. By Burningmoney97

Heater switch lightbulb replacement: How to replace the light bulb behind your heater switch. (A4). By Wingnut

How to change the color of your cruise & flasher LED's by jpdeuce

How to instal extra trunk lighting by Ausgezeichnet TDi

How to change your HVAC control bulb: This ones for the A3/B4 cars. By Rammstein

How to remove the light switch in a B4 By Rammstein

How to disable the DRL By Rammstein

How to make your rear fog lights work on your B4 OEM style By Rammstein

Hot windsheild washer fluid: How to add a heated windsheild washer. By MoGolf

Autodimming mirror/rain sensor: How to add autodimmin/rainsensor mirror by MoGolf

How to fix broken rear w/w sprayer: By Hamsterdiesel

Aluminum Skid Plate Install by Nelly2400

Engine Cover Mod: Homemade wingnuts

Engine Washing: By Herm TDI

Cabin Filter Replacement

Polishing headlights. By Yetta0

How to repair a Jettawagon cargo cover: by Ksf

Ventectomy - Safely increase fuel tank capacity [Pictures] By Frank M & others

$3 door switch fix: by vwsandman

Remote Keyfob battery replacement for A4: by Schnabba

How to fix rotted antenna base by Louis TDI

Extending the range of your remote (VWVortex thread)
Extending the range of your remote (instructions in an MS Word file)
Extending the range of your remote (PDF format, large, 4 pages)
Extending the range of your remote (PDF format, small, 2 pages)

VW Technical Service Bulletin for Extending the range of your remote

How To Add AC to Your Glove Box (A4): by pepper10

Cold Weather Fuel Sender Mod: by Karmann-diesel

How to clean your sunroof drains: by 1001100

Pierburg Connector Solutions: Varoius ways to modify your OEM connector to fit the Pierburg (A4)

How to troubleshoot flakey cruise control In case yours is like mine was and only worked when it wanted to.

How to post images in these forums-- a walk-through A LONG list of acronyms and abbreviations used on the forums. Log onto the
picserver and open, file is in MS Word (.doc) format.

Other Forum How-To's

How to post pictures on TDIClub: by Fyrman

How to GOOGLE search the forums by phaser

Here are some more that I have in my favorites list:

Dubtuning: LOTS more GREAT how to's here

GeWillis home page: Even MORE GREAT how to's.

Huge MKIV FAQ & DIY List From
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City lights as drls pdf how to

Just made a nice easy .pdf for a nice easy mod. ideal time to do it is during a joey mod but it can be done anytime you have enough time to pull your headlights off the car.


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check it out

3800rpmDiesel said:
anyway i looked all through this thread and only saw a video option at top of thread, and a filter upgrade thread - i want to stay stock....
This is the video you want!

It's one of the masters (MoGolf) taking you through an OEM fuel filter replacement.


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Silicone hose and viton tubing

Guys, I know this is not a how-to. Just stashing it here so it is easy to find.
Silicone hose sizes/lengths for the A3/A4/B4 cars. Viton tubing for the fuel return lines.
[FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica][FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica]mcmaster .com[/FONT][/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica][FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica]Ft.[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica]5041K22[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica]Metric Silicone Rubber Tubing Firm, 3 mm Id, 8 mm Od, 2.5 mm Wall, Red (Same as 5041K52) [/FONT][FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica]
[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica]5041K522[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica]Metric Silicone Rubber Tubing Firm, 3 mm Id, 8 mm Od, 2.5 mm Wall, Blue (Same as 5041K52) [/FONT][FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica]
[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica]5041K521[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica]Metric Silicone Rubber Tubing Firm, 3 mm Id, 8 mm Od, 2.5 mm Wall, Black (Same as 5041K52) [/FONT]
[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica]5054K531[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica]Metric Silicone Rubber Tubing Soft, 4 mm Id, 8 mm Od, 2 mm Wall, Black (Same as 5054K53) [/FONT][FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica]
[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica]5119K41[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica]High Temperature Viton Rubber Tubing Firm, 1/8" Id, 1/4" Od, 1/16" Wall, Black [/FONT]
A3 Jetta: 3 foot of blue/red. 12 foot black 3mm. 5 foot black 4mm
B4 Passat: 6 foot red/blue. 15 foot black 3mm. 5 foot black 4mm
A4 B/G/J ALH: 10 foot of black 3 mm. 5 foot black 4mm.
With all these numbers, you will have some left over. Not a bad thing to have a little vacuum tube around.
Viton hose: 3 foot is more than you need. You will have some left over after replacing the interinjector lines and return line to the injection pump.
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B4 Ventectomy

Ventectomy for the A3/B4

1) Remove the cap on the filler neck, and put a rag in the filler neck.
2) There is a metal ring in the edge of the rubber boot around the filler neck. Remove this.
3) Pull up on the rubber boot to remove from around the filler neck. Now you know why there is a rag stuffed in your filler neck. Massive quantities of caked mud/dirt. Clean out what you can by hand. There is a rubber hose connected to the boot that drains spilled fuel. Disconnect it from the appropriate place. You'll see what I mean. While you have the boot out, clean the drain tube. Chances are that it's partially plugged with gunk.
4) Put the filler cap back on. Use a hose to clean out what you can of the dirt. This will take a bit of time.
5) When clean, remove the filler cap.
6) Reach rearward of the filler neck. About 2-3 inches back, you will feel a knurled knob. Unscrew this, and remove it.
7) Take an object, and push against the vent button inside the filler neck. I have found that the rubber covered handles of a pair of large pliers work perfectly.
8) You will notice that there is an object emerging from the area where you removed the knurled knob. Grasp it, pull it rearward, and remove from car.
9) You will see the vent button, a spring, and a plastic retainer ring inside of the housing that was removed. Remove the plastic retainer ring, the spring, and the vent button.
10) Put the spring back in the assembly, and replace the plastic retainer ring. Why? No particular reason. I just leave them in place as they cause no future problem. Put the vent button wherever you prefer (garbage, trunk, shelf, etc.).
11) Slide the assembly back in place. Note the shape, and match it to the orifice shape before you push it back in place.
12) Screw on the knurled knob
13) Replace the rubber surround for the filler neck after you have cleaned it of mud/dirt. Don't forget to hook up the hose.
14) Replace the metal retaining ring in the rubber boot
15) Replace the fuel cap. You're done
15) Go the your favorite fueling place. Place the nozzle on low or medium setting. When it kicks off, slowly top off the tank. You will be amazed at the additional fuel that will go in there.

Note: A3 Jetta is the same, except that there is a tab in a slot on the underside of the housing for the vent assembly. No knurled knob. Press the tab upward with the screwdriver, and follow all the other directions.
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Compression testing

Haven't located this within the thread, so here's a basic run down from multiple posts I've gleaned recently.

Theory (per Turbo Steve):
Compression is the Foundation of a TDI Engine

Just as in any other engine, a compression test can be used to find out how the rings, valves, and head gasket are holding up. The readings are taken at the injection nozzle holes or glow plug holes, depending on the manufacturer's recommendations. Remove all the nozzles or glow plugs before cranking so that the engine can spin as fast as possible, and disconnect the fuel shut-off solenoid wire to stop flow to the nozzles. Of course, the gauge must be capable of withstanding much higher pressures than those of gasoline powerplants.

Typical specifications are 400 to 500 psi, and if a specimen isn't up to these readings, it may be difficult or impossible to start (after all, compression is what ignites the fuel in a diesel). If one cylinder is 75 psi or more lower than its neighbors, it'll be apt to misfire, causing roughness and a loss of power and efficiency.

Once you've zeroed in on a "weak cylinder," squirt a small quantity of engine oil into the combustion chamber and do the test again. If your reading goes up dramatically, the rings are probably at fault. If the rise is small, bad valves are probably indicated.

Another distinctly possible failure is a blown head gasket, since a diesel's high compression (pressures) put terrific demands on whatever seals the joint between the block and head. A good indication that this seal has failed are very low readings on two adjacent cylinders. By the way, don't forget to check the condition of the timing belt!

Compression testing tells you the condition of an engine's foundation, and should be done when you suspect internal parts of causing a problem. But there's a lot more to diesel diagnosis, and I'll break it down into the proper procedures for specific complaints.

Procedure (per Drivbiwire):
TDI uses the *glow plug holes* to test compression.

-Get engine to operating temp
-DISCONECT THE HARNESS GOING TO THE INJECTION PUMP AND THE FUEL SHUT-OFF SELENOID failure to do this WILL cause the pressure gage to explode!!!!!! (note: you will need to clear the codes when your done)
-remove all four glow plugs
-Hook up a battery charger to keep a uniform charge between cylinders
-Crank until the compression gage stops climbing

S&G Tol Aid diesel compression tester kit 34900, includes VW adapter 34740

Fair prices:

Harbor Freight:

Uber pricing (Snap-on):
MT33c compression gage (800 psi max) approx. $189
EEPV315A TDI Glow Plug adapter approx. $70

Hope that this helps, and thanks Wingnut!
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INFO: How to Change Tail and Headlight Bulbs in Jettas

Very frustrating process, for small hands mostly: has some posts -- and they will post a picture-based "How To" at some point in the future. The page starts off on replacing tail lights, then moves onto headlights. Very friendly folks here.:)

For now, try:


Aug 28, 2005
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RE: Replacing Head and Tail lights:

Very frustrating process, for small hands mostly: has some posts -- and they will post a picture-based "How To" at some point in the future. The page starts off on replacing tail lights, then moves onto headlights. Very friendly folks here.:)

For now, try:

compu_85 said:


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B4 Passat ECU removal for tubing replacement

Passat ECU
1)lift off the rubber hood sealer strip about halfway. Move the temp sensor out of the way by lifting up on it,
2)rotate the three quarter turn clips that secures the plastic tray at the base of the windshield. Make sure they pull away from the square holes they lock into. Lift off that tray.
3)Remove cabin filter and set out of the way.
4)Remove the two sliding clips that secure the cabin filter base to the car. Lift the base up and remove. Careful, the base gasket may want to stick. Gently loosen it from the body.
5)Remove 10mm nut that secures the ECU frame to the body. Clean the stud/area well, as it's a grounding point for the ECU.
6)Remove vacuum tubing from ECU nipple and move out of the way
7)If you feel by the ECU nipple, you will note that the harness connector has "T" piece on the end of it. Push the T connector toward the nipple. It may take some effort. When it moves toward the end of it's travel, the harness will pull away from the ECU. Move the harness/connector out of the way.
8)Lift the end of the ECU frame away from the mounting stud. Wiggle the ECU/frame until the backside pulls away from the two T studs in the back.
9) Pull ECU toward the cabin filter area, and wiggle it out of the car.
10)On the end of the ECU that has the 4 small torx screws, remove the two phillips screws that secures the ECU to the mounting plate.
11)remove the 4 torx screws that secures the ECU tray to the ECU outer case.
12)Wiggle the ECU tray until it slides out from the ECU outer case. You may have to rap the tray portion a few times with a screwdriver handle to loosen any corrosion that may have formed.
13) Slide back the two tiny little spring clamps with a pair of needle nose pliers.
14)Take a sharp knife and slice the hose lengthwise off the black plastic nipple (MAP sensor). Careful, the nipple is pretty fragile to rough handling. Peel the hose off by splitting the hose. You can pull the hose off the metal nipple to the outside of the case.
15)Replace that piece of hose with a piece of 1/8th inch vacuum tubing. Silicone is best, but rubber works. No need to replace the spring clamps if they won't fit over the hose.

Assembly is reverse of removal. When you put the connector back on the ECU, make sure that the T is fully closed to secure the connector.

Replace the hose from the upper intercooler pipe to the ECU at the same time. It's probably toast anyway.
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