How do I remove the console/knee bar on 1997 Passat TDi?


Dec 8, 2021
1997 VW Passat TDi
I’m working on a bunch of issues, and I’d like to get the console cover part off and the knee bar so that I can get to the back of the fuse box and some of the wiring easier (maybe put felt on the blend door while I’m at it). I cannot figure out how to get the middle piece off! I’ve removed all the screws I could find, it seems like it snaps into the piece with the e-brake and the e-brake piece might need to come out first?



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Nov 10, 2007
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To remove the center console, there are two 10mm nuts under the shifter boot and 2 screws accessed under small round panels in the rear passenger compartment. Then it slides back slightly to disengage from the front shifter assembly and lifts right off. For the front, there are screws on both sides and I think there are 2 more 10mm nuts. It's been awhile but I've had them off many times. The e-brake can stay in place, just dislodge the boot so the assembly will come up around it. No need to take anything off.

To get the knee bolster out, you will see where they attach under the front shifter assembly, and they'll unbolt in the middle, but you can also remove them as one piece if you undo the dash supports. Once you reach that stage you can see what's going on.


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Aug 3, 2011
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That year should have a 2 piece knee bar, which can be removed without removing the center console. 2 screws on each side and one bolt in the center. It’s more on the driver side, under a blank.