High pitched whistle from new GTB2260VKLR turbo


Oct 19, 2021
1.9 arl

I need some help. I have recently instaled a GTB2260VKLR turbo on my 1.9 TDI ARL PD150 Seat Leon MK1 . Since then I have noticed a really loud whistle from the turbo on spool it only starts at about 3000rmp and 2.0 bars of boost. I have airtec intercooler with 60mm pipework and firad 120% nozzles . The car is pulling great spool is quick but there is this loud whistle that annoys me. I have check and replaced all vacuum lines and tested the N75 valve witch seams to be fine i cant hear it clicking but wastegate arm is moving to its limit. Only thing I did wrong during this modifications is I put an 2.5" downpipe instead of 3" downpipe. Current tune is 2.6bar and around 90mg/str in driver wish at WOT. Max duration is about 28.5deg and SOI at 25.8deg


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Jul 24, 2010
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Post a video\audio clip.
Log values... maybe you have a crack\leak that only presents itself once full boost is achieved (which seems to coincide with your 3k rpm).
Log pressures, temps, MAF, etc.... or pressure test the system.... smoke testing doesn't always reveal crack or splits that only open up once you hit 30psi of boost or something.


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Nov 10, 2013
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You need to revisit all the bolts around the egr area. If you are egr deleted be sure all the block off plates and bits are tight, if you still have the egr make sure all the bolts are tight.

My experience with this issue is ....squeal when reving engine in driveway= you forgot to tighten something past finger tight

Squeal under load...something is not quite tight enough, another quarter turn is needed.