Help with valuation on future TDI sale...


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Dec 29, 2013
I am not up to date on current value of these vehicles. I do not know if the online valuation tools are in the ballpark or not. My commute shortly will be minimal and do not foresee a need to keep my TDI.

Before I go to dealer to trade it, I will more then likely list privately. Specs are as follows, any suggestions on asking price? Thank you!

2013 Golf TDI 4-Door. Manual trans with tech package. 129,000 miles. White w/black cloth. Everything works. Normal wear and tear from mileage. Interior is excellent with Weather Tech front mats.

Purchased CPO at approximately 44,000 miles. Second owner. Opti-Lube XPD every tank since purchase.

Euro tails, LED interior lighting, scan gauge mounted in center console. VW cold weather intercooler kit and ID parts winter fronts.

ALL maintenance performed with detailed records. Timing belt kit, serpentine belt and all new Genuine brakes at 125,000 miles.

New DPF, updated intake manifold and clutch kit with slave at 100,000 miles. Replaced tranny fluid during clutch change as well.

Kerma tuned after DPF and clutch were replaced. Seeing approximately 44 mpg in winter and have had a few tanks over 50 mpg in warmer months with Kerma installed.

Two sets of tires. Stock 17" allows with fresh Conti DWS06 and Genuine VW Steelies with Continental snows that have a season or two left in them.

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Aug 16, 2000
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Timing will be a significant factor for valuation. Due to the current new car shortage ASKING price for tdis in my area is almost double what I paid for mine 2 years ago. I have no idea what prices are actually being paid but the asking prices have not gone down much so one must assume some of them are selling near the asking price. The ones I'm noticing are lower mileage than yours but not necessarily in better shape.

How much and how quickly prices will drop as new cars become more available will be hit/miss. An option would be to get a trade-in price and a car-vanna offer then compare those to comps on CL and FB marketplace. Price yours using those metrics based on how quickly you wish to sell.


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May 5, 2021
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I have not sold a TDI this year, but I have sold about a dozen other cars, and 3 of them were in the last 6 weeks.

My actually selling prices have been about 10-15% over KBB Excellent condition. All of them were in the Good to Very Good categories for condition, had well thought out ads written, and I generally keep up to date on all maintenance.

Outliers: a 2008 Denali XL sold for the very bottom of the KBB Good prices. It had 260K miles on it, and it was honestly hard to even get someone to come look at it.
On the other hand 2002 Passat wagon sold for over the very top KBB Excellent prices. But it had under 100k miles and detailed history.

I have noticed prices starting to drop, but very slowly. I hope this helps give you some insight.