Help with r5 touareg esp woes!


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Mar 29, 2015
golf mk4, touareg 2.5, octavia 2.0 8v, boats x2
Hi everyone

Having a problem with an 07 r5 tdi. Esp light comes on and stays on after running for about 20 seconds, every time the vehicle is started. Has been this way for years but has now become a fail for an inspection, threatening to put the car off the road.

i have vcds and none of the likely culprits(brake switch/pressure sensor, steering angle sensor, maf,wheel sensors) are throwing codes and all test fine. I have one code in the abs module telling me to check the engine module dtc’s. The engine module has a glowplug code and an unknown error code which i can find nothing about on google.

are there any sensors which might trigger the esp light but not throw a code? Any help would be greatly appreciated I'm quickly running out of ideas and looking to have to buy a new vehicle due to a little yellow light!

thanks in advance