Help please, 2014 Passat SEL 2.0 TDI, 72,000 miles. Not starting.


Jul 24, 2018
Fredericksburg, Tx.
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Hi all, I bought this Passat about 4 years ago and has been sitting. VW would not buy it back and it was never converted.
it will not fire up. I completely replaced the fuel and filters. It is pumping fuel. I replaced the injectors and glow plugs. Changed out oil and filter, new air filter. It cranks and turns over but does not fire up. the car battery is fully charged.
it says the KEY Fob is not in Range but I have replaced the batteries. Also I get a ESC, Error Stabilization Control message.
I don’t have a VCDS to check it.
‘Any Suggestions on how to proceed?
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Dec 11, 2001
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There are just too many to list....
You need a scan tool. You cannot even properly replace the injectors without one. You cannot prime the fuel system without one.

The ESC message is because the car has not been driven yet since the battery was replaced, don't worry about that.