Headed to Germany!


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Aug 27, 2000
2009 Jetta returned to der Führer
i visited Ansbach and Nuremberg for their Christmas markets this past holiday season. It was a very pleasant visit to the Franconian region of Bavaria. Nuremberg was fabulous with their Christmas Markets and of course their special little Nürenberger bratwurst.

Keep in mind that you're only a few hours north of Munich and some of the most beautiful roads in the world as you head south into the Bavarian alps and cross over into Südtirol.

I'll be in Munich toward the end of April for their Frühlingsfest. Nuremberg will also have their version but I recommend that you head to Munich but you'll certainly be able to visit both festivals. The spring festival is like a miniature Oktoberfest and is even held at the Wiesn'.

Enjoy your assignment and above all enjoy the countryside. Germany keeps me coming back every few months just to enjoy the culture. You're perfectly situated to visit Munich, Nuremberg, Rothenberg, Stuttgart, Augsburg, and every other wide spot that calls your passion.