Head Lights and LED lights


Oct 19, 2013
Palmer AK
2001 Golf TDI
Hi. I need to replace my head light pair on my 01 Golf tdi. Any recommendations on brand / parts after having the parts installed for awhile? Thank you, Ken
Also interested in LED bubs. The standard lights do not last long. I live in AK so lights are on a lot. Curious which brand and type of LED is reliable and good. :)


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Jul 8, 2022
Lancaster County, PA
02 VW Jetta TDI
I have tried quiet a few but the LED bulb choice is going to be GTR brand all day long. They are not cheap but they are built wayyyyy different than the cheap amazon ones, come with a warranty and are made in Germany I believe.


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Oct 17, 2003
Maryland and New England
2003 Golf GLS 4D 5M, 2015 GSW SE 6M
The aftermarket headlights are typically very poor. Stick with Hella/Valeo/Bosch, the OEM suppliers. New ones are not cheap, and you may be better off just replacing the lenses or wiring in the original units, which can be refurbished (unless the housing or reflectors are damaged). LEDs in older housings not designed for them usually have questionable direction and light output. The longevity of H7 bulbs can be greatly extended by using a euroswitch to avoid running DRLs when not needed, or using auxillary lights as DRLs. The H7s from Osram (Germany) tend to be preferred over the Sylvania counterparts. If you need more light overall, GTI headlights (again, Hella / Valeo / Bosch) with integrated "fog" lights help fill in the lower portion of the road. Hella DEs or fog lights in the lower bumper grills also fill in lower and wider areas of the road. Several members have made/installed their own light bars to greatly increase forward lighting, especially useful for remote/dark locations. Lastly, E-codes with H1 highs are greatly preferred by some for extended lighting and the sharp cut-off, but not everyone likes the reflector pattern. OEM Golf HIDs are prohibitively expensive.

Lots and lots of great lighting threads for the MkIV available through a search.