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I know many like the sharing of CarFax information and I even had a sticky thread to consolodate the abundant requests but please know this: The distribution of CarFax reports is against the user agreement the purchaser accepts to use the service and is thus not allowed on the forums to clear us from any legal ramifications.

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CarFax said:
When a consumer purchases a Carfax unlimited account they agree to the following:
I agree to pay a one-time charge of $24.99 (USD), plus applicable sales tax, according to my card issuer agreement. This 30 day Unlimited CARFAX Reports Plan is valid for 30 days from the date the first report is run, and is intended for my personal use only. Commercial use, resale and redistribution of CARFAX Reports is strictly prohibited and may lead to deactivation of my account and the imposition of additional charges for CARFAX Reports. I agree that my CARFAX Report purchase shall be governed by all the Terms and Conditions of use of the CARFAX Web Site.
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