Harder cold starts, stalling problem


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May 5, 2014
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2010 Salsa Red TDi DSG
A faulty glow plug will throw a pressure sensor code. Contribution should be calculated by engine speed variations via the crank position sensor.

I've also read other material that points that it is possible. I do agree that an open or a short in the pressure sensor circuit would indeed cause a code for the pressure sensor. I was more referring to a faulty reading being given by the sensor that is out of range of expected values.

Anyways, I took the car in to the dealer today. I fully expected a bad injector to be the problem, but they came back and told me that it was a software issue and re-flashed the ECM. They didn't really go into more detail than that and it was covered under the 8year/80k mile emissions warranty so there was no charge to me. My guess is that the they ran the injectors through some sort of adaptation or something along those lines and re-calibrated everything. CEL didn't come back on for the drive home and I will say it does in fact feel like it's running smoother, but only time will tell with that. There are specific times the car gives me rough idles and such so I'm excited to see how it behaves in the coming days. I'm hoping that this was the source of all of the issues this car has had and that it finally got bad enough to throw a code. Hopefully from here on out it runs like it should, which is pretty much never has in the 16k miles that I've owned it.

Dealer performed TSB 2035464
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Jul 2, 2000
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Well, that's good! Software fixes are always nice.


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Dec 2, 2013
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Mine threw a shadow code (hooked up vids and saw code but no CEL) for cylinder 3 injection timing. I cleared it to see if it would come back but haven't checked since because the car is running perfectly fine now. I think it was just a bad batch of fuel maybe.


May 11, 2022
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Having the same problem around 60-70 degree outside temps. Did you ever solve this issue? or have some sort of solution?