hard to start


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Sep 5, 2002
1300 km NW of nowhere
My TDI has been hard to start.
First of all, I know I have some glow plug problems, but I'm rigged with a manual override over the plugs so I can force them to operate.

As for starting, push the button to operate the glow plugs, turn the key, engine turns over, sounds like it's firing, revs increase for 1/2 second, then it stops/stalls.

My most effective "starts" have been with one foot on the throttle pedal, turn the engine over, it starts, give it a shot of throttle, revs go up, then it almost stalls, then the revs go up to idle.

This all, of course, acompanied with the white smoke of unburnt fuel.

I've checked my basic settings timing and it's about 1/2 way between the middle and the full advance line.

Any ideas?



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Jan 22, 2003
How old is your battery?

Mine would not start up, even after charging. Would not start with jumper cables, either. Cranking sounded perfectly ok to my ear. I gave up...Swapped battery for Crappy Tire-whatever-strong-battery. It started up like a charm as if there had never been a prob.

I could not believe it!