GVKs Scirocco GT TDI NAV


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Oct 3, 2021
Lincs UK
Scirocco TDI GT
Picked up this yesterday (Well Friday) , from Nottingham 140ps GT TDI NAV with DCC.... 61 mpg on return journey home.

Had a boost leak from where new turbo fitted, turbo muffler seal was missing!

Has a dent on bonnet, no AC and the locking wheel nut key is missing. Other than that it's a nice car to drive. Will remap, and lower it on H&R or Eibach springs. Have coded out the ESP/ASR function so 5 sec press turns everything off as per BMW. Coded the RNS510 to allow NAV functions up to 60 km/h, and messed about with some of the lighting functions. Used OBD eleven pro.

Nice handling car for stock, pity it has budget sh*te tyres on 235/40x18 - will get some new ones on the front at least AsAP.

244375900_10159225200099818_522389509073987431_n by GVKmotorsport, on Flickr

244514009_10159226308294818_868544624673499420_n by GVKmotorsport, on Flickr

244339849_10159223576424818_6316148362294088068_n by GVKmotorsport, on Flickr

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