GTG with the Vortexers

H's '97-TDI

Mar 25, 2001
Washington State
Has anyone tried to get a gtg going with the people from Vortex? I went to one of their GTGs a couple weeks ago and it was pretty cool. My TDI wasn't a modded as I would have liked, but they were interested in the TDI cause they never see them.


Veteran Member
Mar 30, 2000
Seattle, WA US
I showed at several of their GTG over the last year and the interest in TDI is alway's there. A month ago Tom Bentzon, I and Godlike showed up in Tacoma and it was an outrageous turnout overall including a great showing by the Canadia folks !!! The Vortexer's seem to get together more frequently with a much better turnout even though most are older models. I always check out their site for the GTG and would definetily recommend getting together with them at their GTG just for grins and giggles.