GTB Turbo intake breather routing.


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Jan 11, 2019
2013 VW Golf TDI
Hi all, I have a gtb2060vklr showing up for my 2.0 cjaa golf. The last piece of the puzzle i am missing is setting up the intake, it would be nice to just have a straight silicone pipe from turbo to stock airbox and sensors. But what should I do with the stock crankcase breather that connects in with the intake right before the turbo?


May 30, 2020
Oklahoma City
2009 Jetta
You can install a "crank case catch can" with a crank case vent filter on the top. Connect a longer hose to reach from the crank case to the catch can.
Really these crank case hoses are for releasing pressure out the case and are not monitored as far as i know.

They dont "need" to be connected to the air intake tube before the turbo. Its just an emissions standard so people dont smell it while driving down the road when you put your foot in it. However every oil change you might check the can and drain it of any oil that was catched.

Personally i had one on my 03 jeep with an inline-6 4.0L a few years ago. It always had a major issue with carbon buildup all over the throttle body and intake manifold. When i installed a catch can, my carbon buildup problems went away after that.
So if your not in an emissions regulated state you more than likely can get by with having a catch can and vent filter on the can. Your car will run better long term and reduce of carbon buildup on the throttle body and intake manifold.


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Dec 13, 2008
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Malone has a silicone elbow with breather stem coming off of it. Might have to ask for it separately. Darkside has a similar piece as well if I'm not mistaken.