Grumpy Golf from salt heaven


Apr 22, 2019
Montreal South-Shore
MK4 golf BEW + wagon ALH
Hello Folks! I think it's time to show here my headache after one year reading on this forum (now it's 3 years of).
Started to be a member here when i saw last spring (2019) that MTLtdi sells his 2003golf.
Didn't bought it because it was too rusty for me and needed some body parts to be repainted/replaced but i do not have time and proper place to do that.
Finally, after reading all "to be or not be" posts about BEW or ALH, i bought the one wich had body in acceptable condition.

So manual BEW 2004 GL - only sunroof from options. All other things are basic. (Here is ending my text wich i wanted to post back there in 2020)

I don`t have too much time to write here on the forum but hope will continue to add here updates


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Dec 13, 2009
Montreal, Canada
2003 Jetta and Wagon, GLS 5sp
Nice find! How many km on that? It looks in great shape. Make to keep the rocker panels and the bottom of the fenders clean and rust free. Rust there spreads like cancer. It's a good idea to remove the mud guard and fender liner; usually debris builds up in that corner.