///// Group Buy -- 5 speed to 6 Speed Add on gear (MK IV) /////


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Apr 7, 2016
2003 Jetta TDI wagon, 5 sp, 226K miles
Hi All ,

Not sure where to post this so here it is ....

I've been agonizing for seemingly eons over either switching to a 6 speed Trans set up OR "simply" adding the 6th gear to my existing 02J tranny

After much thought , I decided to go for the 6th gear add on (simply because my trans in known to me to be in good shape and the fact that I've already recently (well within the last 160K (yeah that's recent since I mostly drive highway) done a clutch / axles and din''t want the headache of sourcing foreign parts for things like starters , axles etc.... should they wear out in the future and need replacing om short notice since I drive my car for work.

Anyways, I though I would see if anybody else wanted to try to start a group buy on these ....

Maybe if we get enough potential buyers we can get a discount on the price of the kit and / or a break on shipping ?

So having said all that ..... Anybody else interested in getting a 6 speed add on kit ?

C'mon you KNOW you WANT to !

FWIW I'm not in a super big hurry to order BUT I am shooting to place an order (oe at least my order) by or around July.