Golf mk4 tdi 1998 injection pump

Aldo albania

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Sep 15, 2023
Golf 4 tdi
Hello im not From Europe but i really need u help
I was driving my golf in road and later i start smellin burn something i pull over i Open hood and i saw white smoke comes from engine or under idk exactly after that engine was overheat but gauge was normal 90 at dashboard so i turn of car i check for fluid its ok i try to start after it starts stays litle and dies i try again it cranks lost cranks and start and dies again Soo later i jump cable bcz batery goes down i try to start and just crank but crank starts to slow u know slow crank and I send it mechanic afyer i check fuse relay are ok but he says fuel pressure its low thats why car doesnt start but he says also its electrik issue idk what to do bcz here are Scam shop mechanic not like in europe pro so plz anyone can help me what to do and where to look to fix And 1 more thing cable that goes at lift sensor from injection pump bcz its alh engine i saw litle burn some places it got mark wiring got like litle hole at that plz help me i apreciate