Fuse + Relay locations


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Oct 11, 2005
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Does anyone have a diagram of the fuse box showing what relays and fuses go where on a 96 Passat TDI?
I have searched around, but I can't seem to find the info.



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Jun 20, 1998
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1996 TDI relay sockets, top row, left to right are #1 through #6. Lower row closer to the fuses are #7 through #12. Not all locations are filled or may have a jumper instead of a relay in some markets. The code number printed on the relay housing is in parentheses.
2 wagon rear wiper washer (72)
3 ECU power supply (109)
4 load reduction (18)
6 emergency flasher (21)
7 headlamp washer (33)
8 washer wiper intermittant (19, or 99)
9 lamp and radio warning buzzer (36)
10 fog lamp (53, or jumper)
11 horn (53)
12 glow plug (104)
I don't see a listing for sockets 1 and 5.

Fuses left to right are #1 through #22. Amperage is in parentheses.
1 left low beam (10)
2 right low (10)
3 rear plate (10)
4 rear wiper (10)
5 front wiper washer (15)
6 cabin fan (30)
7 right park and tail lamps (10)
8 left park and tail lamp (10)
9 rear defogger (20)
10 fog lamps (15)
11 left high beam (10)
12 right high beam (10)
13 horn (10)
14 reverse lamps, heated washers (10)
15 engine electric (10)
16 instrument cluster, glove box lamp (15)
17 emergency flashers (10)
18 fuel pump, heated O2 sensor (20)
19 air conditioning (30)
20 brake lamps (10)
21 interior lamps, lighter, clock (15)
22 radio, OBD power (10)
Someone has a sense of humor. Glove box lamp? What glove box?
Electric fuel pump? Oxygen sensor? Gassers, yes, but for TDI?
We don't need no steenking O2 sensor.

<edit> just found some additions
Relay#1 air conditioning (133)
Some relays and fuses are located on added-on sockets above the relays listed as 1 through 12.
ABS relay (79)
ABS pump relay (179)
ABS fuse (30 amp)
ABS valve fuse (30 amp)
<end edit>
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Jun 20, 1998
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idi: 1988 Bolens DGT1700H
michTDI said:
I assume 1997 Passat TDI's are identical???
The glow plug relay for the 97 is in the auxiliary array above the standard 12 sockets. There is a jumper in the standard socket #12 that feeds to the remote relay. Other differences may also exist.


Jun 2, 2015
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I recently put door handles in and now my car doesn’t lock in sequence just whatever door I lock locks. Would that be fuse related? It worked at first and now doesn’t. Old thread but wasn’t sure where else to post.


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How did you install the lockset? It should have just inserted easily with the key, but needs to go in opposite of it working due to the microswitch. I'm wondering if the microswitch was damaged. It'd be easy enough to check without having to dismantle the door, just remove the door handle then remove the lockset and have a look.