Functional cruise icon on 2002 and up mkiv


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Jul 9, 2008
Mora, MN
2002 Jetta wagon TDI
I searched to see if anyone had posted it here before but could not find it, since some my find this useful I wanted to post it here.

Credit goes to Graeme, I was only following information I found on his web page.

My cluster is a 1J5 920 946CX , Graeme said it works on most Immo 3 clusters as long as the addresses values match

By changing the value found at address 0x1EE from E9 to F9 my cruise control icon on the instrument cluster now will only illuminate when the cruise control is active and set. Not when it is just turned on.

If I set the cruise at 40 mph the light comes on, as soon as I hit the brakes or clutch the cruise icon goes off.

there were two addresses mentioned on Graeme's web page:

address / old / new
0x1EE / E9 / F9 < (worked on my car)
0x220 / E9 / F9