Fuel Filler Tube Nozzle Adapter


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Aug 3, 2003
West Wisconsin
2015 Passat SE TDI
If you remove the filler tube nozzle adapter, how much more diesel can you put in the tank vs. having it in.

I've had my 2015 passat tdi in twice for warranty issues, minor issues, but they must check to see if it has been removed or not, service guy mentioned it.

I'm thinking when my CPO 2 year warranty if up, I'll it like I did on my '03 jetta, just different parts. If I take it slow after pump kicks off, I can get maybe half a gallon in now.

I ran the tank to the top mark of the RED low fuel area on the gauge, it took exactly 15.1 gallons, so I'm guessing there is a bit over 3 gallons left, as tank is rated as a 18.5 gallons.

Happy with the car after 8 months of driving, averaging (manual calc) 48 mpg on a tank. I live 12 miles from town, with 10 miles at highway speed and rest around town driving. Seldom get to use six gear in manual tranny.

thank couleetdi