FS - '99.5 5-spd Black Jetta TDI


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Feb 8, 2009
Richmond, VA
'99.5 Jetta - parts car, '99.5 Jetta - black, '02 Jetta - silver, '13 Jetta DSG - black
It breaks my heart to part with my first TDI, a ’99.5 Jetta, but my left knee won’t take operating a clutch any longer. I bought a 2013 TDI Jetta with DSG transmission and am thankful for it. Here’s the scoop on my ’99.5 - I'd like to get about $4500:

Black, 5-speed transmission, 199,000 miles. Body has no dents or significant scratches. Newish lower air dam. Grey interior with no rips, some stains, considering the car’s age. The car gets me a solid 45 – 47 MPG and I drive it spiritedly. Power windows, locks, cassette/CD, A/C is cold.

Maintenance (performed by me):

  • 100k complete timing belt kit (water pump, idlers, tensioner, serpentine belt, etc) installed at 190,000 miles (90,000 miles left!!).
  • MAF in good condition (replaced recently).
  • All new suspension:
    • Monroe Sensa-Tracs up front, Bilsteins in the rear.
    • Neutek Soft-Sport springs all around. These firm up the ride but maintain stock ride height, so the suspension geometry isn’t messed up.
    • New ball joints and bushings up front, rear are solid Audi TT type. This car now corners flat, like a dream!
    • Kelly 215-60R15 tires, 70% tread left.
    • Lateral engine link stiffened with shim.
    • 30,000 miles on front pads and rotors.
    • 10,000 miles on rear pads.
  • Go faster goodies:
    • New 11mm fuel pump from Frank’s TDIs.
    • PP520 nozzles, balanced by Frank.
    • Carter lift pump installed to push fuel to filter.
    • Typical tweaks performed: Intake cleaned, EGR turned down, ventectomy, snow screen cleaned, etc.
  • The negatives:
    • A spot of rust appearing only at top of passenger front wheel arch – not through yet.
    • Crack in lower left corner of windshield - can't spread, passes VA inspection.
    • Driver’s door switch is bad.

The ’99.5 ECU gives much more low-end torque from 1500 through 2200 RPM compared to the same ALH engine in my son’s 2002. The car makes about as much torque as possible for a vehicle with stock turbo and stock exhaust, with reasonable smoke. This early Mk IV also had the stronger clutch to handle the power. I’m estimating it’s putting out 125 HP and 190 lb-ft torque. My next step was going to be methanol/water injection, so I ran tubing and a wire from the trunk to the engine bay for this purpose. A boost switch would activate the pump, injecting the mixture after the intercooler.

The car is ready for someone to carry on with mods or to use as a daily driver. Near Richmond, VA.