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Mar 23, 2014
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Warning: This is going to be a long and lengthy post. If you don't want half of my lift story skip to the Red words a few paragraphs down.

First, allow me to introduce myself to the TDIClub. My name is Matt and I'm from a town in lower Pa. I've been turning wrenches as a hobby for quite some time. Not as long as a few of you :) but for the majority of my lifetime thus far.

I'm in the early stages of infancy of turning a hobby into a buisness. I currently work for the DoD and am a liscensed salesman in the state of Pa. After working for a gentleman for the past few years and running a dealership with questionable morals and standards, I've decided to seperate myself far far from it and go into buisness for myself. Is this what I'm going to do full time and quit my day job? No. But I plan on providing the best service and cars I can, in my area and online. I do hope to open my own garage/dealership in the coming years, specializing in strictly VAG diesel vehicles. Do I plan on becoming a millionaire? Not at all. As I do NOT sell a vehicle that has been half-assed and peiced together to strictly turn a profit. I worked for a guy that did that and ethically I can't take someones hard earned money, knowing the vehicle is junk. I use stictly OEM/OEM approved parts and OEM/by-the-book techniques.

I do intend on becoming a TDI vendor and going through the motions as we speak, as I'll be selling parts and vehicles and supporting this great site that is a wealth of knowledge and information. Any vehicle sold to a tdiclub member, there will be a 3% donation of the final selling price. If sold outside, it will be 1%. If you have questions/concerns about anything or myself, feel free to drop me a private message. Thank you and I hope to become a part of this great culture.

Vehicle Information

Make: 2004 Volkswagen Jetta Tdi
Trim: GLS
Miles: 180485
Trans: Manual

I bought this car from a dealership as a trade in on another vehicle. It had a few problems mechanically and with a dealership, the mileage instantly made it an auction bound vehicle. It appeared well taken care of inside and out, so I bought it.

Not having any history and a Carfax that the dealer pulled. (Which shows and accident in 05, with airbag deployment and slight damage to drivers side. I can see no evidence of aftermarket seam sealer to damage to the frame horns). I went over the entire vehicle and replaced everything that was bad or going bad and resolved a few driveability issues along the way.

We replaced:

Rotors and Pads both F&R.

Right rear wheel bearing had a slight noise. It was replaced.

Full timing belt service. It appeared that it had been changed before, but I couldn't verify, so I changed it again. It was a Continental kit and all associated motor mount bolts, harmonic bolts and other hardware was replaced.

The EGR system and manifold were beyond gunked up. It was way worse than my ALH with 100K more miles. The manifold was taken of, cleaned, and reassembled with new hardware and gaskets.

All filters (Cabin, Fuel, Air, Oil) were replaced with MANN and all fluids were changed with Liqui-moly, Pentosin, and Amsoil trans fluid.

The Jetta is a GLS trim level. It has: Moonroof, heated seats, ESP, Monsoon but no leather. It has no funny smells including smelling like smoke, but it does have a small cig burn in the drivers seat. It is noted with a picture. This interior otherwise, is in fantastic shape and shows almost no wear for 180K miles.

The exterior does have a few chips here and there on the front end. Typical of a highway car. There are also a few odd chips located on the passenger side rear door, near the fender flair. It appears a lawnmower or something may have been the cause. It also has a cracked rear chrome trim piece around the rear bumper and some spiderwebbed paint. The tires are near new Goodyear Assurance in the front and slightly lower tread depth in the rear.

Myself and a partner have put a little over 600 miles since all repairs have been completed. All parameters and systems have been checked with VCDS over and over again to insure no problems.

I have pictures documenting all of the work, including cam wear, which this appears to have no typical BEW cam wear issues. There is no shudder from the DMF as well. Clutch operates and holds great.

This tdi is ready to go another 100K and be a fantastic car for someone. I can answer any questions you may have about the car via a private message. If you wish to speak to me via phone/text, please PM for my #.

I have it listed at the following craigslist link here:


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