FS: 2002 TDI Beetle Auto - MN


Feb 8, 2006
Cambridge, MN
2002 Jetta GLS

I'm selling Deafbug's newest Beetle for his widow Deanna. He purchased this late last year from New Hampshire and drove it home to replace his 2001 Silver Beetle. Once he got back home he replaced the timing belt. I don't have exactly mileage just yet...I've been going through his service laptop to see if he kept his records there but can't seem to locate them.

Anyway, here are the specs:

2001 Beetle, ALH, 01M, 118,000 miles. White with grey heated cloth, no sunroof. The car is completely stock except for a Sony 10dics changer (controller is just below the headlight switch). Clear MN title.

I posted a thread of the GTG which listed the outstanding issues with this car - all of them have been addressed except for the belly pan and side skirts as well as a weaping front main oil seal.

It has 16" steelies with wheel covers (only 3). The two front tires are new (Doral's) but the rears will need to be replaced soon as they are nearly to the wear bars. Car tracks straight down the road with zero vibration. I believe it has the original suspension.

Interior is nearly perfect. The driver's seat shows what appears to be a water mark in the pictures. I do not believe this is a stain and could easily be removed...just haven't had a chance.

Exterior shows some odd rust (maybe normal for the Northeast?) as well as one clearcoat issue on the hood. The rust spots are the same driver's and passenger side: the leading edge of the door handle has a rust spot about the size of a silver dollar. The bottom of the rocker panel below the A pillar also shows some rust about the size of your hand. The rearmost edge of the rear fenders, where they meet the bumper cover are also showing some signs of discoloration which is only visible due to the color of the car.

Engine/trans. Engine is in top working order with excellent power across the rpm band. As stated earlier it does appear to have a weaping front main oil seal. The transmission shifts perfectly with zero converter slip in top gear. It does have a slight delay when going into gear (~2-3 seconds) with the transmission cold but otherwise shifts perfectly.

$3,950 OBO
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