FS 2000 Jetta TDI ALH MK4- Lots extras. North California


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Oct 8, 2006
Northern California
2012 Jetta TDI

Hello I bought this TDI in pristine condition from another member in Cleveland Ohio. He got it from one of the East coast TDI gurus, who had documented each tankful of fuel, and all service. THis Jetta is in very good condition, and I am seeking $5350.

I have kept this vehicle like a baby. Used mainly for freeway driving to Los Angeles. Turbo pulls strong.
This car averages 42 mpg local plus freeway going 75 to 80 mph. If I go 60 mph, i can get over 50 mpg.
- 5 speed manual transmission
- Reflex Silver paint,.
- 120,000 miles
- Body in very good condition
- Interior original seats in excellent condition, but seat cover on driver side is worn. (Okole premium seat cover)
- Oil changed recently
- 2 oil filters. Regular oil filter , plus Amsoil Special 10 micron bypass oil filter. The oil is extremely clean and can last 20,00 between oil changes.
- Upgraded turbo Vnt 17
- Front mounted intercooler for cooler charge air.
= Upgraded cross drilled and vented rotors on all 4 . with Ceramic brake pads done maybe 3 years ago. Great stopping power
- P150 intake manifold
- CAT fuel filter ( which filters fuel down to 7 microns)
- Under engine Panzer aluminum plate to protect the engine
- New LED Headlights. 6000K bright white lights.
- upgraded Bilstein shocks, thus car is lowered a little, maybe 1 inch >?
- upgraded clutch
= upgraded fuel pump, with newer vitons.
- all 4 glow plugs replaced 4 yrs ago..
= upgraded mass airflow sensor. I cleaned it recently.
- Stealth computer upgrade BY KermaTDI.
- NO check engine lights
- recent glowplugs changed out.
- NEW Goodyear Mud Snow rated AAA tires x4 all around ,placed last year or about 7000 miles ago.... under warranty.
= MSW aluminum rims all 4 sides.
- Dieselgeek short shifter.
= battery was upgraded to larger one, but that was a few years ago.
- Old Navy mod
- other stealth mods.
- good spare tire.
- Phatbox music system with moonsoon radio and cassette deck. ( I dont know how to download music or use it...Will include these items.)
- Okole neoprene seat covers ( but driver side worn, but these are top of line seatcovers )
- upgraded fuel injectors to ,205
- cold air conditioner, just cleaned fins and is very ice cold. Have to turn it down when driving in 95 deg weather cause it was too cold. LOL
- front dash is perfect, no cracks, and has a dash protector.
- New air filter.
= Kerma exhaust was changed out to regular Catalytic converter.
- Sunrooof doesnt leak.
- Ventectomy.
- 100,000 timing belt done at 60,000 miles, So there is about 40,000 miles left on timing belt.
= Small paint chips. I recently bought factory paint so Will dab and buff it out.
= heated seats, cruise,
- rear added sun screen...a 300 dollar upgrade.
= 2 keys with remote, plus the valet key equals 3 keys.

Full disclosure. Recently I had CEL light and instrument panel went out.. THen I found a loose broken wire on sensor for airflow . I had it professionally soldered and resealed. NOW all works well. Instrument panel lights up fine. NO Check engine lights . Glow plugs harness cleaned and no Glow plug lights .
With that said, it does have minor usage wear .

- Small issue with a cracked rear right light. I have two replacements light housing.,that will be included in sale.
- Front mounted Intercooler is great, This is the main reason I cant register this vehicle in California anymore. You will have to change it out to stock intercooler, which I do have I think... Or hopefully someone in a lenient state can buy and use this as is.
- It would be best if you lived out of state, and in areas where smog is less stringent . or smog exempt.

I will include some parts, fuel additives, etc.

I can pickup anyone who flies in to see it, from either Oakland Airport or San Francisco Airport.

I will try to update more pictures.
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