FS: 2000 Jetta TDI, $1,500/Best Offer (Northern Virginia/Wash, DC Area)


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Nov 6, 2003
Northern Virginia
'04 Jetta GLS TDI Pumpe Duce Platinum Grey w/ Leather
SOLD: 2000 Jetta TDI, $1,500/Best Offer (Northern Virginia/Wash, DC Area)

Car has just sold!

5-speed, 120,500 miles, runs well, clear title. Car is located near Ft. Belvoir, US Rt. 1, and I-95.
After buying a new car recently, my 82-year old mother decided to part with her 2000 Jetta TDI asked me to sell it. I decided it would be via the TDI Club, as I would like to see the car go to someone who can, and wants to, properly bring it back to its former glory and who would enjoy the car after doing so.
The Jetta is a single-owner car (bought at Congressional VW in Rockville, MD) and has been well maintained and I have done the majority of its maintenance, but it does need some work to get it back to being dependable.
I have uploaded about 40 pictures; the photos are here:
The Good:
1. Single-owner car with a known history.
2. Has low mileage for a TDI.
3. Maintenance performed per the dealer schedule. I did a good portion of the servicing and repairs. Most of the shop repairs were done by WB Motors (a very good VW/import car repair shop) in Fairfax, VA, or by the VW dealer under warranty. Most of the parts and filters used were OEM.
4. The car had regular (10,000 miles or once a year, whichever came first) oil changes. I performed all oil & filter changes using Mobil Delvac or Shell Rotella T6. Both oils are 5W-40 weight, full synthetic, diesel/mixed fleet oils and just about the best oils you could possibly use. Filters were VW branded or OEM Mann.
5.The check engine light is not on and no engine fault codes are stored. I posted with the photos a current VCDS “auto scan” of all the car’s scanable controllers/systems. It shows an inoperable passenger side mirror heater and an intermittent issue with the interior light time limit circuit (although I do not notice a problem with the interior light). The car has no other fault codes.
6. Car’s body and paint is overall decent looking. There are no body dents (other than the front bumper cover). None of the glass is broken or cracked.
7. The car drives and handles well. The engine runs flawlessly, with plenty of power and torque.
8. All lights, accessories, and gauges work, with possible exception of the ash tray light.
9. The car has no accident damage that has caused any alignment, driving, or other problems. (Several years ago my mother did hit another car at a very slow speed, which pushed the front grill in and a body shop repaired the damage and did a good job. No air bags deployed when this accident occurred, nor were any mechanical systems damaged).
10. The AC blows nice and cold (I recharged it for the first time last year, adding about 10 ounces of R-134-a) and both radiator fans work.
11. The car does not have any fluid leaks.
12. There are no water leaks when it rains.
13. Car has an inflated spare tire, jack, tow eye, lug wrench, and all related accessories stowed in the styrofoam carrier in the center of the spare tire in the trunk (see picture). Car has its owner’s manual too.
14. The car has a current Virginia safety inspection.
The Non-so good or is needed:
1. Glove box door is broken.
2. Passenger side sun visor mounting is broken.
3. Headliner is coming loose and hanging down in places.
4. Passenger’s side-view mirror heater is inoperable (per a VCDS scan).
The driver’s side-view mirror reflective coating is coming off the glass around the edges, although it is not too bad.
5. Missing the RR hubcap (the VW logo sticker is missing from the LF hubcap).
6. RF window does not align properly (see item 4 in “Parts Replaced” list for more detail).
7. Shocks and struts are original to the car and should be replaced (still drivable as is, but the car does sway and pitch a little).
8. Serpentine belt tensioner and serpentine belt should be replaced (item 5 in the “Parts Replaced” list, which explains the belt issue).
9. I suspect the transaxle 1st gear synchronizer is worn (but the car is perfectly drivable) and the gears will clash if the transmission is shifted into 1st gear quickly after depressing the clutch pedal (my mother had a bad habit of downshifting into first (at about 5-10 mph) when coming to a stop.
10. All fluids (except the coolant and possibly the P/S fluid) and filters should be replaced. The brake system is due for a flush.
11. The thermostat needs replacing (there is a small possibility it’s the temperature sensor); the temperature gauge won’t reach normal when driving, but does so when stopped with the engine running. I suspect a leaky thermostat.
12. The flimsy plastic belly pan and side skirts have seen better days, and are cracked and held together with duct tape, see pictures (this car is a prime candidate for an aluminum or steel skid plate). The oil pan was never hit or damaged, though.
13. The front bumper cover is cracked (see picture) and torn on the bottom and the left front plastic grill is missing and probably won’t say in if replaced.
14. The vacuum hoses should be replaced (many have never been replaced and are getting frayed and brittle. I did replace the turbo actuator and EGR valve vacuum hoses, though).
15. The battery plastic cover is cracked and does not attach properly and is duct taped on.
16. The left front fender has some rust starting at the top of the wheel arch where the foam pad is mounted to the fender liner.
17. The wiper blades need replacing.
18. The plastic cowling under the windshield is cracked.
19. The tires should be rotated.
20. The battery is six years old and possibly has 2-3 years of life left.
The following parts have been replaced:
1. Timing belt, timing belt rollers, timing belt tensioner, serpentine belt, water pump, and new engine mount bolts [at 55,000 miles I installed a 100,000 mile timing belt kit (the T-belt change interval was 60,000 miles for the year 2000 TDI 5-speed models), using the proper lock-down tools and I fine-tuned the injection timing using a VCDS. I have some posts on the TDI Club about this job and may have posts about other work I have done on the car].
2. I replaced both rear brake calipers in May 2011 (a bleeder bolt broke off one of the old ones when doing a brake fluid flush).
3. A shop replaced the right front complete tie rod (inner and outer ends/joints) in April 2009.
4. I replaced the driver’s door glass retaining clips with the updated metal ones (window fell one day). A shop replaced the passenger side window clips, but it appears did not adjust the window glass properly, as it does not align with the door channel near the top when raising the window (you have to push the glass into the channel as it is being raised to close the glass all the way). The inner door panel needs to be removed to investigate and readjust the glass mounting in the retaining clips).
5. New alternator within the last year. Against my better judgement and due to lack of time I let Mother take the Jetta to the local gas station due to a failed alternator pulley (I even have the bit set to replace the pulley). The shop installed a new Valeo alternator and non-OEM serpentine belt. This belt has a diamond pattern on the back side and makes a whine when the engine runs. This job cost $800, ouch!
6. The front brake pads and rotors were replaced by me in May 2011. The front pads may have been replaced by a shop since then, but I don’t think the rotors were replaced. The front pads are not worn much at all. The rear rotors were replaced when I did a rear brake job several years ago. A few months ago a shop replaced just the rear pads to pass the last state safety inspection). See posted photos of the brake pads.
7. Temperature sensor: I installed an OEM one about 6-8 years ago.
8. I replaced an occasional glow plug when it failed, using Bosch brand. All have been replaced at some point.
9. This summer I replaced the original and disintegrating glow plug harness due to repeated glow plug fault codes and CELs (all plugs measured the same resistance). I fabricated the replacement, following instructions posted on the TDI Club. Wire gauge was a little larger (a smaller number) than the original. I soldered and used heat shrink tubing on the electrical connections and harness splices, except for the ends that connect to the glow plug terminals (they push on). Electrical tape was used for the final wrapping. This took care of the issue.
10. In January 2014 I replaced the starter with a Bosch remanufactured unit.
11. I replaced the EGR valve December 2007.
12. MAF sensor replaced by VW under warranty July 2004.
Tire Life—I estimate the remaining tire tread to be about 1/3 on the fronts and 1/2 on the rears, thus I would guess in about 25,000 - 30,000 miles the tires will need replacing.
My mother kept most of the receipts for the work and parts up to about 2011 (and I now have them to go with the car). After that, significant health issues preoccupied her and took the majority of her time to address.
Please send me a PM if interested in seeing the car. I’ll try to check messages daily and reply within a day. Thanks.
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Nov 6, 2003
Northern Virginia
'04 Jetta GLS TDI Pumpe Duce Platinum Grey w/ Leather
I forgot to Mention....

P.S. I forgot to mention in my description that on one of the two key remotes, the metal key broke off at the base. The remote (the expensive part) is still functional, but a new steel key will have to be cut and installed in the remote to make it fully functional. The other remote wit key is fully functional. I also have the valet key.



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Nov 6, 2003
Northern Virginia
'04 Jetta GLS TDI Pumpe Duce Platinum Grey w/ Leather
Please Note

My FS posting has generated a fair amount of out-of-state interest. A few out-of state people have asked if I am willing to repair (with parts provided and possibly something for my labor) some of the items that need to be fixed to make the car more reliable for a multi-state drive back to the potential purchaser's home state. Unfortunately I can't do this (with perhaps the exception of replacing the serpentine belt and belt-tensioner and wiper blades) because I just don't have the time due to travel demands of my job and caring for my mother, who lives near me. Her health is poor and I'm an only child. The lack of time is also the reason I've stopped contributing to the discussions here on Fred's; I used to be a regular on the TDI Club. Hopefully in the future this will change and I can become a regular here again, as I still drive my '04 Jetta PD daily. It's got almost 180,000 miles on it now, original camshaft and lifters, no issues.