FS: 2000 Golf GLS TDI 5spd (Maryland)


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Apr 4, 2006
Sykesville, MD
2000 Golf GLS TDI
I am the owner, but posted locally as well for sale - $2500

More info for TDIClubbers
Timing belt (#1) changed by ninedee_golf_tdi (Tom in Stafford)
Timing belt (#2) changed by @ 228k by hevster1 (Mike @ M&M Auto)
IP seals changed by Oliver
Ran on bio for a few years, been back on diesel for ~5 years
5spd, sunroof, multi disk changer.

I am 2nd owner; I bought it with 76K in 2006; now has 247K

Selling because I need to get rid of a vehicle. Was my daily driver for 11 years but hasn’t been used much for last 2 years…kept it for my son who just turned 16, but he decided he didn’t want it.

Minor accident (rear ended; very minor crack in bumper, didn’t even spill my coffee; replaced under insurance).

Needs work
Hole in exhaust
Prob needs an AC charge
Glove compartment hinges
Will need tires soon
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