FS 2000 330Kmiles 4dr Golf TDI blue $2100 Riverside, CA [warning: huge pics!]


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Nov 30, 2004
Riverside, CA
Golf, 2000, 5-speed manual, blue
MK4 ALH (4'th generation) Turbo Diesel (TDI) 50MPG highway, 45MPG city. Manual (Stick). I am second owner - purchased at 20K, now has 330K miles - was planning to drive to 500K but due to covid-19 don't need to commute anymore. capable of 700 miles per tank - was my daily driver. Has full factory 30lb steel belly pan (armor) tuff as nails. comes with 4 working keys! Registration is good through DEC 2020, Clutch has been rebuilt, alternator replaced, battery is pretty new, 40k miles left on this timing belt+water pump (changed at 270k). has aftermarket bluetooth cd+mp3 player that I use for hands free phone calls while commuting.

Listed cheap for a reason: Time for oil change (I do every 10k, Shell RotellaT full synthetic 5W40). Needs front windshield - heater core has minor leak but still drivable. A/C works. Driver window does not roll down but can be fixed. needs tires in 10k miles, but spare tire is brand new so can get away with 3 new tires when time. Door locks stick sometimes when unlocking, so usually have to click once to open driver, twice to open passenger door. rear doors just easier to open from inside than fighting the locks (solenoids in locks are tired). glow plugs throw codes (mismatch between glow plug banks > 2 ohms) but still starts even below freezing. have been driving it that way for many many years - but it does through a check engine light. to change the glow plug harness and glow plugs is <$100, i'm just too lazy because it does not matter to me - I can explain how to do it if you care. Paint: Clear coat is pealing

Is wired for 2M ham radio and you can have that if you know what that is. Happy to review entire car with you top to bottom, front to back and go over every thing done, or you might want to do in the future. Bring your mechanic if you want. This was my baby for almost 20 years - but life moves on. I have a box of parts and fluids for the car if you will be doing your own maintenance its yours.

Nevada title in hand (It is California registered for 10+ years, so you will not have any issue at the DMV) - bring cash.