Free- WTT '14 VW Golf OEM Wheels/Tires for Your Thrashed Wheels/Tires- Portland, OR


Sep 18, 2015
Vancouver, WA
2012 Sportwagen
Free of Charge! I'm planning on turning in my 2 Golf's that I recently purchased and wondered if anyone near me could use a pretty new set of tires mounted on OEM 17" Golf wheels.
I'd hate to return the vehicle with tread remaining if someone could use them and are either planning on holding their car till late 2018 or are planning to get the emissions fix. If you know someone who's got a gasser version, I'd be happy to swap out with them as well. 2 complete sets up for grabs! Think I've got some other accessories that you could take as well, again free of charge.
Just come to my place in Vancouver, WA and we'll do the swap out. (I just need your set to get me down to the dealership, so preferably no severe sidewall cuts or anything that might hamper me.
PM me and we'll hash out the specifics.

Preference will be given to OEM VW Wheels, 16" and 17" would be fine.

Thank you,


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Oct 16, 2003
Gresham, Oregon
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I might take you up on that, I need to figure out logistics since I'm heading out of town for the holiday. Sending you a message, thanks!


Mar 16, 2011
Richmond, VA
2011 JSW
Crapola!! Once again I'm on the "wrong" coast. My '11 JSW just failed State Inspection for 2 bad rear tires...and my buyback paperwork just went in last Tuesday. I REALLY don't want to spend any $ on this car knowing I'm doing the buyback...

Either way, thanks for the PIF offer to the Forum!

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