Found my A/C problems.


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Oct 27, 2004
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I got tired of trying to figure out what why my A/C stopped working so I caved and took it to Firestone. (we actually have a good one)
After a couple of hours they called. I went to get my car and the manager told me EXACTLY what was wrong. All dealerships were closed on Sunday so no go there. They didn't have or know what the p/n was because it's an OEM part.
It took me almost an hour to track down the correct p/n. OEM from VW only.
1J0971349FQ is the cable that runs from the battery to the alternator. One four wire plug, two two wire plugs and the ground strap all wrapped up into one cable.
It turns out two of the wires on the four wire plug were broken... at the plug which left no room for splicing. :mad:
This is one expensive cable.
I called the local dealer and was quoted $115 +tax. They have it in stock.
Online the best I could do is $72.83 + shipping @ $14.64 = $87.47
Now the question I need answered. Has anyone ever bought from I called and their answering machine is full so I could not leave a message.
Any insight of this company would be appreciated.


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Oct 25, 2008
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You had no power going to the compressor?


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Jun 11, 2002
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Here is what I have to work with.
You can see the two wires that are broken off.
You can replace the connector and wires in it and do it cleanly without having to replace the entire alternator harness. I had the exact same thing happen with my A/C in my 02 Golf TDI several years ago.

I found that the 4-wire connector on the alt harness is the exact same connector VW uses on the 4-wire GP harness in 2002+ Mk4 TDIs. If you have an old 4-wire GP harness from an Mk4 TDI laying around you can cut it up and use the 4-wire connector and a convenient length of wires from it and splice them into the alternator harness to replace the old connector and broken wires. This was how I fixed the broken wires in my 02 Golf.

When I replaced the GP harness in my 02 Golf a few years earlier, I didn't cut and splice at the GP end like a lot of people do. I took the battery and tray out, took the airbox out and got into the conduit under the airbox where the GP harness routes. I replaced the entire GP harness to do a clean replacement. The 4-wire GP harness plugs into a connector on the main wire harness inside the elbow conduit. I still had the old 4-wire GP harness laying around and I noticed it uses the exact same 4-wire connector that the alt harness uses. If you don't want to replace the entire alt harness you can repair it cleanly by reusing the connector and wires from a 4-wire Mk4 GP harness.

Good luck.
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May 21, 2009
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Just extract the terminals from the connector and use VW repair wires along with heat shrink butt connectors to make a proper connection.


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Sep 11, 2012
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There's tools that you can use to compress the little clips inside the plug, and then pull the wire out, or something along those lines. My dad has the tools.

I had this happen with my FCM a few years ago, except for it was corroded inside the plug. I pulled all the wires out, spliced the bad one, and put a new plug on it. It was a PITA.


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Aug 29, 2002
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I like the idea of repairing an existing harness but for completeness I thought I would post the VW part number. Does anyone have a measurement (I guess between centers of the ring terminal) for the length of the heavy-weight cable & what's the wire gauge either ga. or metric x-section)? Mine is badly frayed and I'm going to have to fabricate one.

It's: Alternator Charging Harness, A-4, ALH Pt No. 1J0971349FQ I have found it on at least 8 parts websites and it's listed as either "Discontinued" or "Not Currently Available" on all of them but it's listed as being fitted to the same body as the Jetta and Golf in Europe for Audi TDIs, it seems odd that it's discontinued, especially since it's fragile.

PS, I have a red alternator light on my dash and I found a GP harness in the garage. I don't depend on doing anything right because I'm smart (far too easy to get disappointed) but sometimes I get lucky.