Flashing Glow Plug Light & Loss of Power...


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Sep 12, 2010
Lake Charles, LA
2015 Passat TDI SEL
Last update was on 9/11, so here is another update:

  • Kept getting the runaround on when parts would arrive , always told to be in few days, then in a few days it was next week. This went on for weeks.
  • After told that a valve was bent and all they would do is replace the head/valves, I told THEM that it would entail more than that, it has to be more than that from experience. I told them it would end up being a new engine. They claimed otherwise.
  • Well after replacing the head, the report states that upon startup there was alarming noise emitted and engine was killed immediately.
  • Upon further inspection they discovered that the needles for the bearings in the rocker arms fell apart, fell thru the valves, and were sitting on top of the piston inside the cylinder.
  • Now they say it will be a new engine replacement. See, I told you so.
  • On Sept 27 I was told that the engine was delivered and they were beginning the work. Again, Each week was told it would be complete by end of the week. Only to be told next week when date arrived. Again, blamed delays on parts ordered (gaskets, bolts, etc) Horse hockey.
  • At this point I started to back off the pressure. LA lemon law states that if the dealer cannot fix the vehicle in 90 days it is considered a lemon and I would have case for them to buy it back for full refund.
  • Then on OCT 25 i get a call that the car is ready for pickup. I was out of town and could not get there until this past Friday Nov1 for pickup. Dealer stated that in the meantime they would wash, wax, and detail the car for me before pickup.
  • I arrive at 9 am for pickup. But first me and the service tech have a discussion on customer service or lack thereof. We go over all the work performed and parts replaced, with pictures of damages.
  • Then after I felted it was enough, i went out to inspect the car. First thing i noticed was that the car was only half-assed washed. Brake dust still evidence on wheels, grass, dirt and debris still present in floor boards and nothing was wiped as fingerprint smudges were still all over the interior. I fume some more.
  • I go to start the car, wont start due to dead battery. Fuming.
  • They come out with a "jump box"....no good.
  • They pull a truck around with jumper cables..... no good.
  • Finally changed the battery in the parking lot. Says he will take to shop to clear the codes for the low voltage due to dead battery.
  • 30 minutes later he emerges with my car so i can leave.
  • Before i can leave the parking lot the check engine light comes on again.....apparently still generting the low voltage code.
  • Says that it must be a fuse or relay and it wont take long. Well, at 11:30am I call family member for a ride and tell them to call me when it is REALLY READY for pickup. At this point it was 2.5 hrs after it was "ready" for pickup and still no car.
  • Called that after noon and said it was a burned up relay due to the jumping/low voltage situation.
  • I pickup car on Saturday morning, only to discover that the fuel tank is bone dry empty in addition to not be cleaned like they said. WOW, these folks really know how to treat a customer right i tell ya.
  • This dealer has left the baddest of bad tastes in my mouth with this experience. I have NEVER had a dealer of any kind demonstrate this level of incompetence/ineptitude in regards to customer service.
  • I am currently in the process of closing my case with VWofA. We will see how that goes.
  • I dropped my car off on Aug 13 and picked up on Nov 2. 80 days. WOW.
  • So far in only a few days the car drives fine with no issues.


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Mar 28, 2023
2014 VW Passat
The car has been working fine every since they finally fixed the issue. I did just get a CEL come on, but they are going to replace my adblue tank via the warranty. This has nothing to do with my original problem you are now having.

As far as I know it was a wiring issue coming from one of the dpf sensors that burnt on my hood. Originally they only went about 12” from the sensors, but after more time their they dig down farther and found the issue.

I’m not sure if it’s any help, but you could have your tech call David Maus VW in south Orlando. The rep that deals with warranty stuff is named Michael (Mike). He should have knowledge of the issue.

Everything you are saying is the same issues I had, and it took around 6 weeks for them to finally find and fix the issue. They actually had to fly someone in from VWoA to find/fix it.
My car is doing this exact thing right now. What did they do to fix yours?

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May 7, 2010
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2015 Passat TDI SEL
My car is doing this exact thing right now. What did they do to fix yours?
I responded to your DM. Sorry about not seeing this sooner. It was under warranty and supposedly it was an electrical issue that someone from VWoA had to fix it. I was simply told it was a relay going back causing the issue and was maybe 12" +- further down from where they were looking. That's all the info I got bud. Hope you got it fixed by now.