First suggested swap?


Grammar Scout
May 28, 2006
2003 Golf
So my beloved Mk3 is off the road with a dead engine. I have a 3 month (possibly longer) layoff coming up AND just so happen to have myself a brand new pole barn (to me) that I'm going to setup shop in.

I've never rebuilt an engine before so if it's salvageable I plan this to be my foray into that life skill. (It's the final frontier of maintenance for me, literally done everything else but bodywork).

- I'm going to try and get into a few community college welding classes so I can actually make cool stuff. So no massive TIG welds or plasma cut parts. But a part or two would help learning fabrication.

- So this car is likely to be a learning experience across the board. I know my way around wires and have something special planned for this car's ECM so I also don't want any newer. (And the donor engine is an AHU).

I'm looking at a few different cars and wanted to see what this forum suggested:

  1. 1995 Audi Quattro. Would make a fun winter beater in Michigan.
  2. Mk1 Cabby. Would make a fun summer car around the Midwest.
  3. Scirocco
  4. Corrado
  5. Mk2 Jetta, ...