Finding source of power steering fluid leak

Jul 31, 2004
Springfield, MA area
99.5 Jetta
1999.5 mk4 Jetta 1.9 TDI ALH

She's been sitting for a while in the garage. Started her up, rolled her out, and almost immediately, all the power steering fluid spilled out onto the driveway. Cursory research indicates that it could be the power steering return line hose assembly has a tendency to fail like this.

What I'd like to do is confirm this via testing as efficiently as possible. I have on hand one quart of Beck/Arnley FS11 fluid. My initial approach would be to get under the car, pour fluid in and find the source of the leak. My question is if there is any other way I could do this diagnosis w/o pouring in this expensive stuff? For that matter, for the refill after repair should I really be using Pentosin instead?

It's nice to be back. Thank you.


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Aug 2, 2006
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The last one I had was the little crossover pipe on the rack itself. More often it's the end seals and you'll find the boots full of fluid.