FEELER: 99.5 Jetta 5-speed hit in rear FS soon


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Feb 8, 2009
Richmond, VA
'99.5 Jetta - parts car, '99.5 Jetta - black, '02 Jetta - silver, '13 Jetta DSG - black
I have a 99.5 Jetta 5-speed TDI hit in the rear. I'm searching for a decent Jetta for my son and would like to swap the PP520s I have in the totaled car for the stock injectors prior to the sale.

The car had about 185k miles, probably original timing belt. Engine ran fine mechanically but there may be a quantity adjuster issue with the fuel pump (codes + flashing GP light). Tranny, turbo, MAF, all good.

I'm taking the best offer in consideration of the above. PM me for pics and if you have additional questions. Richmond, VA area.
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