Fan is dying,

Mar 15, 2007
2004 Jetta
One of my fans on my 04 Jetta has been on it's way out for several months now and I think it's really only got a couple of days before it quits completely. :(

Everytime I turn on my AC it makes an aweful squeeling/rattling sound. :eek:

Where is a good source for a replacement, besides a VW dealer? :confused:

My nearest dealer is 100 miles way,.....not to mention,... I'm not too thrilled about getting ripped with their outrageous prices.


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Aug 16, 2007
Sioux Falls, SD
I'm all out...
My blue '01 has aftermarket fans, large and small. I bought one (small) from ebay, one from a non-vender on the East coast. Zero issues.

My wife's 01 has new fans as well from the previous owner, both non OEM.

My silver '00 has one OEM (240k miles) and one aftermarket. The only fan of the lot that makes any noise is the original OEM.

Take this for what it's worth. I'm certain someone's going to start an argument and say they're going to light my cars on fire... but they're doing well.


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Feb 26, 2003
Sevier County TN
'03 Jetta Wagon
I bought an Autozone replacement kit (has both fans in it) and the the first one's big fan (driver side) died in 3 weeks. They replaced it instantly on-demand.

The second one has been ok. So far. The entire kit was less than one OE replacement, and it had no shipping cost (which is otherwise material.)

Would I buy another OE one? If the original problem that caused it to fail was fixed. But it isn't. The aftermarket one that died did so because the resistor failed open. If I keep having failures I'm going to design and build a powerFET board to drive both low and high via the "high" line, use PWM for low, and get that idiotic resistor-crap out of there.