excessive regens '13 Passat

Tom in PT

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Jun 7, 2017
Twilight Zone, WA State
2005 Passat sedan - SOLD; 2013 Passat DSG; both purchased new
Well, about a month ago I had the local dealer replace the EGR valve due to a fault code showing up.
Now, my car is entering DPF regeneration approximately every 80-100 miles. Mostly highway driven, speeds 45-70 mph. Car is not babied. Before it was more like 250 miles or so.

I pulled the lower hose leading to the intercooler and sure enough there was a good a mount of oil accumulated there, and my turbo is starting to make a faint whine or screeching sound under moderate to heavy boost. Car runs fine and has a lot of power in any event right now. The turbo never made noise before.

Is that regen frequency due to the new EGR valve sending more sooty exhaust back into the intake, more oil entering the intake from a bad turbo seal, or possibly both?
I have a feeling the turbo is not long for this world . . .