European TDI vs. SDI !?!


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May 10, 2000
Western Siberia (Finland)
Hi !!

I was looking some VW Golfs in local car shop here in Finland ..
(.. the west-siberian country ;-)
Anyway they were selling these SDI cars quite cheapely ..

Also the SDI , TDI & intercooled TDI seems to
be the same engine ( also the datas at VW-web
seem to confirm this ) ..

SO is there any diffrences inside the engines
and is ECU the same ?!?! (OK - I know that
the compression ratio is lower in 115hp one ..)

I was thinking if it would be easy to add the
turbo & intercooler ( and remap the fuel/boost-
maps in the ECU ..) !!
Also the compression ratio could be lowered by
modifying the pistons & head ..
(Also water-sprayer would lower the effective
peak-pressure -> same effect as the lower compression ..)

So would the internals last ..
(Are they weaker in SDI ??)



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Sep 9, 1999
Landau, Germany
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The price difference for new cars is around 2000-2500Euro in Germany. Be prepared to spend as much for any conversion. Think of rear disc brakes, maybe.

Better buy a TDI, even if it is half a year older.
SDIs here rarely have a/c - and I think you can still use that, even in finland.


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May 10, 2000
Western Siberia (Finland)
The price difference is huge ;-)
... because of our stupid extra tax for cars !!
(It's 100% extra tax calculated from 125% of
cars selling price otherwise .. )

And yes I know the prices (and even supplier)
for the modification parts .. ;-)

BTW.. I was reading Valois posts about the
torgue measurements ( and later about the
propane injection) .. It seems that the max.
torque is archieved at the lowest RPMs
-> This indicates that the stock turbo is
running very fast even such low RPMs ..
and thus the turbo is very small for the
higher RPMs .. So the size of the turbo is
limiting the pressure and torque on high RPMs..

So I thing that bigger variable geometry turbo
should be used for optimum HP output ..
(To be able to keep the torque constant to
the maximum RPM -> Then the HP would grow
linearly from the current maximum power ;-)

Hmmm... ;-)


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Feb 29, 2000
Anchorage, AK

Do you mean Finland taxes cars at 125% of their selling price?

That seems excessive, even for Western Siberians

And I though we had it bad here!

'85 GTI beater, qtr. million miles+
still talking the wife into a new car
(anything VW as long as it says "turbo"!)


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May 1, 1999
The SDI has NO turbo, and only makes something like 68hp (50kW). Just in case you didn't know, since you made no mention of that fact.


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May 10, 2000
Western Siberia (Finland)
Yes, The taxes are OVER 125% !!
(.. and the benzine / GAS -whatever-
is taxed also : More than 75% of the
selling price is from taxes !!!
And one litre is about 1.17 Euros
- about 1.16 USD !!! Think about it..
Crazy I would say ;-)

And Yes I know the SDI doesn't have the
turbo or anything .. The idea is to get
the cheapest car to build from - to avoid
extra taxes .. (The spare parts are not
taxed such way !!)

So I try to figure out the internal
differencies of the motor .. I wouldn't
like to swap all the pistons, crankshaft etc. !!!

If the only difference is the turbo then it
would be easy !!

Greetings, PWM


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May 15, 2000
Porto - Portugal
And you all think your government has very high taxes...
In Portugal a Golf TDi (110 HP) starts from about 17.500 euros and after taxes it goes to 29.000 euros (you would say, it even doesn't reach the double). The major problem is that the minimum salary goes to 324 euros and someone relatively well employed (not graduated) should be happy with something like 1.000 euros. THAT'S THE PROBLEM!