EPA Hits Two More Diesel Tuners With $10 Million Fine For Defeat Devices

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Aug 11, 2022
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I'm not anti-oil. I'm against the BURNING of oil. By all means... drill baby drill and sell it. But it's idiotic to keep burning something so valuable for energy when there are FAR more affordable alternatives. If China wants to pay us $80 for a bbl of oil then burn it... their loss and our gain.

Years ago Norway embarked on a top secret research project. After much research they made a startling discovery. Turns out.... Turns out they can make more money by selling oil than by burning it. Seems like they might be on to something :)

I take it that since I've asked twice now what a better path to reduced dependency is with no answer that you're not aware of a better solution? Not judging... a better solution than electrification probably doesn't exist.
I really enjoy this entire thread… however I am stuck on the opinion or rationale of America utilizing green energy means and it being ok for the rest of the world to not push for the same.

This idea that USA is clean and is paving the way for a greener world is a total crock… America has outsourced a ton of its production for two major reasons- one cheaper labor/expenses, and two is to evade the unrealistic standard of “clean”. Most can’t do it, so they outsource to places that do not regulate like we allow the epa to force within our own boarders…. The problem isn’t solved, it’s moved.

Having this mindset that ev powering here is great ler India and China have the oil is a lazy approach to the resolution.

I just finished reading this thread start to finish and it seems that most agree we want a non-polluted planet… several Great points have been made. A few need to open their views a bit though….. solving the problem here isn’t happening by force…. It’s just pushing the problems elsewhere.

This isn’t a triggered, or angry post…. Just something to think about. Pushing the problem doesn’t resolve it.

Edit- attention should be made to watch the Saudi’s, China, and Russia…. With the current discussions taking place, China would look to import oil from the US last….

Imagine thinking that people would actually plug their EV into the grid to donate/sell back the juice they've stored, in order to power some stranger's AC or fridge 100 miles away. If something becomes so scarce that they need everyone to "chip in for the cause", that's when people hoard what little they've got. Just because it may be possible for a fleet of F150s to feed the grid, doesn't mean it would happen. It absolutely would never happen.
This was more than evident during the start of the pandemic…

I think that a lot of folks want to believe the storage plug in for the greater good would work. But we have seen recently it will not.
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