Emissions warranty and engine troubles


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Apr 17, 2013
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Emissions Extension Warranty (Canada) questions:

2012 TDI SportWagen 201,xxx Km
CEL with codes P2017 P2006 P2004 (intake manifold runner codes?); and a lazy thermostat, temp rarely above 80*c; horrible fuel efficiency

What is the difference between the 'first' warranty and the 'second' warranty? One has a 10yr date with lower Km's; and the other has a 4yr date with higher Km's

The VW Canada rep was only able to tell me my dates/numbers, but not explain the difference in the warranties, or why there are two different warranties.

Are the Km's and dates whichever comes FIRST, or whichever comes LAST?

1st warranty: 193,xxx Km ; July 2022 date
2nd warranty: 222,xxx Km ; Dec 2021 date

Any and all help appreciated, TIA!


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Aug 27, 2020
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My reading of the two emissions warranties is that they run concurrently and expire per "set date or mileage, whichever occurs first".
Thus, the original warranty expired when the odometer reached 193K km (before the 10 year limit), at which point the extended warranty took over until it expired in Dec 2021 (which our case, too: mileage left when the expiration date passed). --g


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Mar 3, 2014
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Which ever comes 1st (miles or date)

The dealer service manager could/would probably explain coverage better.

It appears you were covered up until 12/21 (Warren #2) but timed out of warranty #2 @ 12/21. You are presently mileaged out of warranty $1 (193 km max or differently put 8 km miles over)

Looks like the dates/mileage boils down to;
Higher mile car falls off @ 222km @ or before 12/21
Cars @ or under 193 km up until 6/22
Tricky... VW has it down I guess, ha

Question then becomes what component coverage if anything is different on 1st vrs 2nd warranty, If it matters

my 2011 is out of bumper to bumper and maybe emissions (?) But there's a few other $50 deductible items like clockspring I believe I'm still under. Call VWofA there were 5 various date/mile Warren's on my CPO
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Jul 29, 2019
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Extended emissions warranty supersedes the factory warranty, if applicable to your car. It's 4 years or 54000mi., whichever comes first, from date of emissions modification. My car got "fixed" at 87k mi, so the emissions warranty went way past the mileage of the original 120k mi warranty. It sounds like yours got modified at relatively low mileage?