(Early) New Years resolutions for my B4


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May 1, 1999
My B4 should crack the magic 200k km (124k mile) mark over the holidays. It has been a wonderful relationship, me and my car.

Just thought I'd share my plans for my car between now and next spring (watch out Tomo @ TDIFest 2003

- Axis Se7en wheels completely reconditioned and refinished to original gunmetal colour
- New tires (leaning toward Dunlop SP9000s)
- Quaife differential and Sachs Powerclutch (on-hand)
- Neuspeed front upper strut tower brace and rear sway bar (on hand)
- Rieger RS4-style front bumper (on hand)
- new headlights (on hand)
- fog lights (on hand)
- subwoofer (on hand) in custom trunk enclosure
- amplifier (on hand)
- Recaro front seats
- top secret engine mods...


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Jun 20, 1998
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Why not ask Fred about having your car perpetually pop up at the top of the "for Sale" category list just as the "faq" do on all the other lists?

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Nov 26, 2002
You replied to my questions about B4 suspension upgrades...

Wow thanks for the input…

My son (17) has gotten in some trouble and almost killed street racing. I took him and his “rice boy” friends to an autocross… they are hooked… Good people for him to get involved with... this spring drivers school! But I want to run too!

Then I found this car and it is soooo clean and sooo cheap…

The Passat is heavy for this engine, but reading up here I can see there is hope. TDImister I see the STS… you give me hope… how well do you do in STS class?

The stock tires are suited for hay ladder use only; I hope replacements transform the car it’s pretty sorry now!

OK the plans… my list..
17” rims tires… Yokohama’s maybe (more input)
Shop for springs maybe--- maybe not
Bilstien’s for sure
Tie bar
Mufflerectomy or TT Tuning exhaust
Air filer K&N cone???
Chip Upsolute

Just ordered a VagCom, timing belt and stuff, and tools for the job… Will get that EGR fixed…

Added a boost gage last weekend, good entertainment (should be factory!), filled with Devlac (found a messed up oil drain tread!) 43 to 45 mpg so far!

Autocrossing a TDI I can love that!